What is Adobe Creative Cloud Express and who is it for?

Adobe already has a monopoly on most design software, as it’s a staple in many creators’ workflows. They pay a lot of money every month for the Creative Cloud subscription, so it makes sense that creators would consider using Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

There is a free version which offers many design options and a premium version which offers even more. Intrigued yet? Let’s find out what Creative Cloud Express is.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Home

You can find Adobe Creative Cloud Express on Adobe’s website, where you can use it for free or pay a premium for additional features. You do not need a Creative Cloud membership to use this program; however, if you have one, you will have access to the premium version.

The name Adobe Creative Cloud Express can be confusing. It mixes Adobe Creative Cloud with Adobe Photoshop Express, but it is a separate program that mixes Adobe software expertise into one simple program.

You may be wondering where this program comes from. It seems to have appeared out of nowhere, but Creative Cloud Express is the revamped version of Adobe Spark, which is now deprecated. Creative Cloud Express offers the same functionality as its older Adobe Spark, but with a greater focus on creating social media graphics for creatives and business owners.

Who is Adobe Creative Cloud Express for?

ACCESS Why page

Of course, there’s nothing stopping anyone who isn’t a business owner or creative designer from using Creative Cloud Express. This is a program for those who don’t focus so much on the entry process and care more about the outcome of their creative work.


Adobe has 30 years of experience building design software, and with the rise of other free design software, a free Adobe product shouldn’t hurt your workload. You have access to specialized knowledge for a cost of nothing.

ACCE Models

This program works best for those who use graphics for social media posts like Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails, or ads. And, just like Canva, Creative Cloud Express has a very intuitive workspace, making it easy for anyone to get started without any previous experience with design software.

For the occasional graphics you need to create or modify, Creative Cloud Express gives you the creative freedom to do what you need to do without the hassle of downloading software, paying for software, or learning how to use the software. software.

It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to make slight changes to the image, like removing the background, cropping an image, or even saving it to a different format. Why should you pay subscription fees just to do these little things once in a while?

What can you do in Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

Modify a template in ACCE

Although Adobe Creative Cloud Express is not an exact replica of any particular Adobe program, you can do many things with it that you can also find in other software in the Adobe lineup.

With the provided templates, you can easily and quickly create a multitude of social media posts, including those with embedded animations or videos. If you want to be more unique, you can design from scratch rather than modifying an existing design template.

There is a small selection of fonts to use, but if you download one through Adobe Font on your computer, you can embed them too. Along with your choice of font, there are animation options for the text, as well as standard color and style editing tools.

Creative Cloud Express offers filter options to enhance your photos or give them a stylistic effect, as well as typical enhancements and adjustments you’ll find in Photoshop or Lightroom, such as contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, and more. Although these are not very complete, it is enough to modify your photos to adapt them to certain design styles.

Dog Background Removed

The free version of Creative Cloud Express even offers a background removal tool, often only found in premium versions of other software like Canva or Pixlr. It works well and there is a rollback feature if you need to rectify something, but it’s only available with the premium subscription.

If you plan to use Adobe Creative Cloud Express as a business owner or brand owner, there is a branding feature built into the software.

While you can upload your brand logo, color, and font in the free version, you can only apply brand assets to designs if you have a premium subscription, which makes it pretty useless otherwise. It might be good for you to visualize the branding of your designs, but until you pay the premium, it doesn’t seem very helpful.

Brand assets in Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Subscription

Creative Cloud Express is a free service separate from the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. While the free version offers a lot, there’s also a premium monthly subscription for $9.99.

You can access a 30-day free trial of the premium version before committing to the subscription. And, as mentioned earlier, if you already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, the premium Creative Cloud Express is included.

Unlike Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud Express Premium is offered as a rolling monthly subscription, so you can opt out at any time.

With the premium version, you can change or restore a background removal. This tool is great because the free version of the background removal tool isn’t always perfect, and the ability to change the selection means a perfect result every time.

Example of mark

Being able to apply your brand to your designs is quick and easy with the premium version. A click of a button is enough. You can even apply more than one mark, for multiple businesses or uses.

For all your storage worries, the premium version offers 100GB of cloud storage, compared to the meager 2GB of the free version. You can also use Creative Cloud Libraries. Share your designs and assets and retrieve them wherever you are logged into your account.

A big plus for Creative Cloud Express Premium is that you can convert to PDF and export to PDF as well as many other file types. Even from a mobile.

And finally, the Creative Cloud Express premium subscription also gives you a premium subscription to four other Adobe programs: Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Spark Video, and Adobe Spark Page.

These four programs, along with Creative Cloud Express, give you access to much of Adobe’s software expertise at just a fraction of the price of a Creative Cloud subscription.

Include Adobe Creative Cloud Express in your workflow

The premium version of Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers many benefits, but the free version is still a great tool for any design projects you have on the go. You’ll definitely want to include this software in your workflow, especially for ads, social media, or a little creative experimentation.

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