Wacom Intuos added to the line of Chrome OS compatible tablets

Tokyo, Japan and Portland, Oregon – June 9, 2021 – Wacom today announced that its non-wireless model Wacom Intuos Small holds Works With Chromebook certification, following One by Wacom, which was certified earlier this year. Chromebook users, especially college students and first-time creatives, have more options to start creating digitally, using a Wacom pen tablet with a growing number of drawing, painting, and photo-editing apps that work. perfectly on Chromebook.

“Chromebook has caught the attention of the education industry and those looking for new solutions for working from home. Wacom is currently working to expand Chromebook compatibility to include other Wacom devices and bring its intuitive and natural pen technology to a growing number of Chromebook users, ”said Faik Karaoglu, executive vice president of Wacom’s Branded Business. “The combination of an Intuos tablet and a Chromebook also allows young creatives to unleash their full artistic and design potential with a number of drawing and painting applications. A long-term collaborative partnership with Celsys offers Wacom Intuos users the ability to create spectacular works of art with the renowned drawing application, Clip Studio Paint.

Plug in and start creating

The Wacom Intuos Small non-wireless model connects seamlessly to any Chromebook with USB-A and the latest version of Chrome OS. No driver is required. The ergonomically designed and lightweight Wacom stylus offers 4,096 pressure levels and the company’s battery-free EMR technology. The responsive, ergonomic and pressure-sensitive stylus offers users a natural way to write, draw, sketch or edit content on a dedicated tablet space.

Wacom Intuos also provides a great starting point for exploring digital creativity with Chromebook. Purchasing Wacom Intuos entitles users to an inspiring software bundle, including a free 3-month subscription to Clip Studio Paint Pro, a powerful and easy-to-use drawing app for comics and manga. Collaboard, Limnu, Explain Everything and Kami, also included, are tailor-made apps for education.

The Wacom Intuos Small non-wireless model is now compatible with Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and select Android devices. It uses proprietary Wacom technology exclusively for the dedicated tablet surface and operates independently of the onscreen pens based on the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) pen standard that come with Chromebooks or may be purchased as accessories. . Wacom Intuos is available on the Wacom eStore and select electronics retailers with a recommended MSRP of $ 79.95 (USD).

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* Wacom Intuos (CTL-4100) is Works With Chromebook certified.

* The ExpressKeys ™ feature is not currently available for Chrome OS. It is supported on Windows and Mac.

* Some Chromebook devices require a USB-C adapter.

* The stylus must be used with the tablet to work with Chrome OS.

* This product works with devices capable of running the latest version of Chrome OS and has been certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with security requirements.

* Google, Google Chrome, Chromebook, Works With Chromebook are trademarks of Google LLC.

About Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom is a global company based in Japan with subsidiaries and affiliate offices around the world to support marketing and distribution in more than 150 countries and regions. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions. Wacom’s cutting-edge intuitive input device technology has been used to create some of the world’s most exciting digital artworks, films, special effects, modes and designs, and offers business and home users their advanced interface technology to express their personality. The company also offers its products as OEM solutions to major manufacturers serving incremental markets. Wacom’s interface technology, called Wacom Feel IT technologies, is also offered as an integrated solution to strategic partners. Most tablet and PC manufacturers rely on advanced features and reliability to deliver a superior user interface experience.

* Wacom and Intuos are trademarks and / or registered trademarks of Wacom Co., Ltd.

* All other brand and product names are the property of their respective companies.

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