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Union High School sports fans will soon receive more than just numbers when they check the school scorecards.

The Union R-XI School District School Board unanimously approved the purchase of two new video cards, one for the Stierberger stadium and one for the high school gymnasium, at its meeting of Wednesday 19 May. based on Daktronics, cost $ 189,961 for both.

It is expected that the installation and electricity of the panels will cost an additional $ 20,000.

The current high school dashboards, without a video display, were purchased from Daktronics in 2007.

Bryan Nagel, Regional Director of Daktronics,

provided artist renderings of the football scoreboard, with a 24ft by 8.4ft video screen, and the gymnasium video board, with an 11.48 by 6.56ft video screen. He said more than 100 high schools in Missouri have video panels. “Most of them are used for a lot of events outside of sport,” he said. “Students learn to do broadcasting, graphic design, things of that nature. It really is a great way for kids to use their skills. “

Schools also use video boards to sell advertising, with most making $ 40,000 a year, Nagel said. Tables have a five-year warranty, although dashboards typically last 10 to 15 years.

Superintendent Dr Steve Weinhold said he had forecast $ 40,000 in annual income from scorecards for five years.

“Really, if we can meet those goals, it’s really a breakeven point after five years,” he said. “Then, if the board lasts 10 to 15 years, it’s a money generator afterwards.”

Daktronics helps districts by hosting presentations for potential sponsors and offering different levels of advertising, although Daktronics does not make money from advertising contracts, Nagel said.

Video cards can also be used to show videos in physical education classes and to allow teams to watch videos from previous matches or from upcoming opponents, Weinhold said. They can also be used at events like graduation. “You put the photo of the elderly person up there,” he said. “You can organize movie nights.”

The new scoreboards are expected to be installed by the end of September, in time for the Union’s return football game.

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