This active-duty Navy tech created a geography-focused social media app

21 years old Sebastien Coloncrypto technician for the United States Navycreated a web application to better connect small content creators to the community around them and give them a fairer chance to reach their target audience.

Colon built the beta for runiuni, a social media web application that breaks down content by geography and geographic centers, over the past 12 months. The app’s regional tiers break down zones by country, state, metropolitan area, and city. Colon used the Django Python web framework, an open source tool for web application development, to create its minimum viable product. He is now part of the IncubateBaltimore Emerging Technology Center program, where he learns how to grow his business (and Runiuni’s parent) Our united communities. The experience has already allowed him to interact with people TEDCOthe branch created by the state for technological investments, he said.

“Being part of the incubator helped me find more structure and network,” said Colon, who developed his development skills through courses through Udemy and Florida State College in JacksonvilleTold Technically. “It was crazy to see what I’ve been building for a year coming to fruition.”

This vision for a social media app for small content creators has been on Colon’s mind since he was 17 years old, producing music and living in small town Florida. Even creating the web application site for Runiuni’s beta version was a test of his web development skills. Given the opportunity to create something that looks like craigslist for his father’s construction work, Colon decided to kill two birds with one stone and prototype his dream app at the same time.

Colon emphasized that he was building his app to focus on regions, not a specific market.

“Anything you could want to find in a region, [a place to find it] that’s what I’m trying to build,” he said.

Watch a video describing the features of the web app, including job postings and community surveys.

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