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Today we launched a new look for TBRnews.com and we’re interested in your feedback.

The beach reporter would not have survived the past year without the help of members of our community. When we called at the start of the pandemic, city officials and the Chamber of Three Beach Towns came together to offer their support: more advertising engagements, introductions to potential advertisers and a general complaint: “No! We can’t lose you! “

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. But things are changing.

When you log into TBRnews.com, you will be taken to a page that looks like the Daily breeze website. As some of you may know, we’ve been sharing content with our sister post for almost two years. In a constantly shrinking newspaper business, this arrangement helps us maximize our resources and gives you better coverage of our communities.

Until today, we have been able to maintain our own identity, our own brand image, our own “style”, if you will. But fear not! Our content remains the same, but now the new website allows us to publish faster with a more streamlined design.

For those loyal readers of the electronic edition, here is this week’s edition.

Our penchant for delivering personalized services has not changed, although things may be different on the web.

Our editor Simon Grieve will always come to The Strand on Thursdays to make sure the Angry Doctor’s Aisle is not “littered” with our paper. (True story.)

Our delivery man, Gary Marconi, will always drive the little white Beach reporter truck around town filling Manhattan Bread and Bagel newsstands, post offices and real estate agencies.

Our press assistant Robin Pittman will always take your calls regarding missed deliveries, your child’s accomplishments, congratulations and complaints.

Our reporters, Michael Hixon and Tyler Evains, are still ‘boots on the ground’, especially now as we are all emerging from our coronavirus cocoons.

Our Production Manager, Paul Kryczko, will continue to provide superb graphic design services for loved ones obituaries, your newly opened business ad and public service announcements.

Our sales manager, Jenifer Lemon, will continue to beat the pavement, coaxing local businesses to advertise, advertise, advertise.

We are still a free publication that only exists because of ad revenue.

And like our beloved Beach reporter grows every week one or two pages, we are seeing a recovery there. Don’t worry, loyal readers, we’re still here

We always love news from the community and we are always working hard to bring you the good news regarding our beach towns. Your local newspaper is like a mirror: it shows us who we are and what we value – our strengths and our shortcomings.

To ensure that you continue to be connected to us through the website, please consider a subscription to Daily Breeze. The price for this Memorial Day weekend is only $ 2 for the first six months. Thereafter, we will charge you only $ 3.50 per week.

Please be patient with our new website. If you can’t find something, email me and I’ll work hard to help.

You will find me at [email protected] and you will find our printed product in your driveway, every Thursday.

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