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Book of Judas

Season 5

Episode 6

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4 stars

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So my “Dr. Lombardo is not real” theory was wrong, but my “Portia gives Dory the woodcock’s special house” theory was dead. Win, lose, zombify a rat. Things weren’t going well for Lyte, and now that the only sane scientist (ish) threw up blue stuff and jumped out the window, things can only get worse.

Dory managed to allay her doubts long enough to be on one of those silver cable shows. She dismisses FDA concerns that Lyte hasn’t shared her research in a handful, as well as concerns from Duchess Catherine Oxenberg’s mother – sorry, mom – that her daughter is in a cult. But as soon as the camera is turned off, Dory blows pieces into a trash can. Tunnel suggests that she see a doctor. I have to say there is coarse vomit in the trash cans and toilet bowls in this episode. Hats off for realism, set dec team.

Meanwhile, in Maine, Drew found a quaint inn run by Lou Diamond Phillips. Drew questions Lou Diamond Phillips about the Jesper Society, and we get yet another kind of drift. If the Maine location hasn’t revealed it, we’re in Stephen King’s country, folks. Mr. Lou Diamond calls someone and says, “It’s happening again. “

Back in Lyte, things are progressing. Most of the time sidekicks seem to be spent trying to convince their followers that giving themselves a massive chemical burn is cold and not at all a disturbing sign. These head injuries look disgusting. Ritchie said they’ll be heading for crystal structures, but in the meantime they look damp and inflamed.

Ritche, the man personified by “I Fucking Love Science”, has decided to work towards the enlightenment pill. These real scientists aren’t shit, and it’s time for a guy who makes Diet Coke / Mentos volcanoes to step in. Ritchie agrees with Dory’s idea of ​​literally killing people and bringing them back. What could possibly go wrong? To do this, they need a phoenix beetle enzyme. These insects can die at will, and by combining this deadly chemical with molly, he hopes to create standard illumination on demand. The only thing is they’ll need Dr. Carpet’s help to get the enzyme from Dr. Benny’s chemical lab.

After attempting to get away with another elaborate lie (Dr. Carpet’s wife is cheating on him with her own parents, and he’s somewhat vulnerable about it), Elliott puts Dr. Carpet’s wig back on. The scene with Early and Aparna Nancherla in the lab is amazing. Elliott’s efforts to preserve a lie has always been one of the show’s greatest strengths and seeing him kiss a woman under a heavy prosthesis is amazing.

Back to Stephen King This, Drew meets the Jesper Company. Illeana Douglas, Michael Ian Black and Scott Adsit will join Lou Diamond Phillips. They’re all radiators and so funny Drew doesn’t care. We get some tantalizing little clues about these kids and their Pennywise-esque monster battles. Illeana Douglas and Lou Diamond Phillips had a crush on each other, Michael Ian Black was fat before he worked on Wall Street, and Scott Adsit had a lisp. Their narrative inertia keeps Drew in Maine until it gets dark, which annoys him endlessly. Ultimately, we find out that the woman who slashed Dory in the last episode was Dr. Lombardo’s wife from the first episode.

Drew goes to Dory’s old sanatorium and asks about Dr. Lombardo. After being blocked by the receptionist, Drew is taken by surprise by Dr. Flesh. Dr. Flesh was one of the docs who turned down Dory’s outing in the season premiere, and he believes Dory is psychotic. He gives Drew a picture of Dory’s visions of the future. It’s a bit rock. Dory’s career as a graphic designer may have gone nowhere, but her grim take on the apocalypse is a service. Dr. Flesh tells Dory that Lombardo killed himself because Dory basically told him to do it and he jerked off thinking about her. Dr Flesh, HIPAA Violator. Drew realizes that the negative space in the design is the outline of the Lyte logo, and he’s shaken up. Again, Dory’s drawing is very good. I should have tried independent comics instead of solving a disappearance, Dor.

Back at Lyte’s HQ, Ritchie made a half-breakthrough. After going through several dozen rats, he managed to elicit an illumination-style brain response from a named Gemini. Okay, someone is too interested in astrology over the Research group writing staff. That a Gemini is responsible for the end of the world is a slander against my entire sun sign. Either way, Gemini died (sad) but showed promising brain scans shortly after death (happy?). Plus, Ritche finally brings up what we all thought: Dory was poisoned.

After obtaining confirmation from Lyte’s on-site doctor, Dory rummages through the belongings of her apostles during a poison hunt. But my daughter, the apostles do not feed you. Portia does. Eventually, Dory realizes it and Portia loses it. She confesses to having slept with Dory, which tilts Elliott’s cover. But she didn’t say anything about the vial of yellow poison found in her (frankly gorgeous) sequined t-shirt dress. But she doesn’t really have time. Leonora’s mom begins to document her daughter. Drew walks in and presents the results of his investigation, accusing Dory of delusions and telling her that Lombardo is dead. Things are stressful! Oh, and Gemini got up and attacked Dr. Benny. Dr. Benny jumps out the window and lands on Tunnel Quinn’s car. We’re fucking going.

• The success of Drew’s side fact-finding mission amazes me. He directly asks Lou Diamond Phillips if he knows a woman because she stabbed her friend. How it works?!

• Dr Philip Lombardo seems to echo the real-life psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo, the guy who did the Stanford Prison experiments and has known ratios varying depending on who you ask.

• Okay, find out more about Portia’s sequined t-shirt dress. Does he have pockets? Pockets big enough for a large test tube of poison? It’s so rare in women’s clothing.

• “Stop making documentaries about me! “

• Between the Jesper Society and the ungodly child Aspen, Research group really gives vibes “There are eight million stories in the naked city”. I remembered the scene in Fear and loathing in Las Vegas when Normie goes to the bathroom and sees Flea licking LSD off Hunter’s flannel. “Hopefully his life was ruined forever. Still thinking that right behind a narrow door in all of his favorite bars, the men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible hits of things he’ll never know. It’s Drew’s life now.

• Okay, we need to talk a little more about Dory’s drawing. If the Lyte logo was part of the design, does that mean Dory do have a kind of vision of the future, but self-fulfilling? Are we having a suspicion of Greek tragedy? It’s also possible that Dory helped design the Lyte logo, in which case she’s just normal crazy, not symbolically crazy.

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