Post-pandemic sparks renewed interest in gaming jobs

Game Pill has worked on over 100 titles in the gaming industry for industry titans like Viacom, Disney, Discovery Networks, Google, and other recognizable names. Game Pill has been given iconic characters like Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, Barbie, SpongeBob and others. Game Pill is connected globally and recruits the best talent in art, programming and design among Canada and internationally. Due to the pandemic, the company has been able to tap into top talent, working effectively across multiple teams. The company helps bring an app / game idea to life with over 20 years of industry experience. Game Pill is based on Toronto, with plans to open additional offices to serve passionate designers who believe in perseverance and are looking for a creative outlet.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20.6 million people lost their jobs. In contrast, game sales in the United States August 2020 increased 37% year over year for $ 3.3 billion, marking the fifth consecutive month of sales growth compared to the same periods in 2019. Overall, since the start of the year, $ 29.4 billion of video games were sold only in the United States, a net increase of 23% over the previous year. This corresponds to the significant increase in total playing time, which is on average just over 7 hours per week, which is 20% more playing time compared to 2019.

Game Pill gives talented people the tools and support to foster creativity and learn new skills. Always striving to create unique gaming experiences that instill a sense of wonder and excitement in gamers, Game Pill specializes in original intellectual property, co-development and work for hire.

Mike SorrentiGame Pill President and Chief Creative Officer said, “More and more people and businesses are investing in games and hiring companies like Game Pill to carry out their projects.” Game development requires multiple disciplines and many of them may be out of work at the moment, but who have backgrounds in graphic design, website development, or film and television, might consider a new career in gaming in as a designer, inventor, programmer, engineer, musician. , artist or writer.

With the increase in demand for games, Game Pill is currently looking for talented people from other disciplines to join their team so that they can continue to achieve more digital dreams. Sorrenti points out: “Due to the pandemic, we are now extending our reach further than before. Over the past year the challenges of working remotely have started to subside and we are able to utilize the time saved on commuting. for training to get in touch with even more professionals around the world. “The year 2020 marked an important turning point towards traditional work habits, as video conferencing and the ‘work-from-home experience’ have become commonplace. A survey of 3,500 workers indicates that 98% would like to work remotely. for at least some time in their career1, even in a post-pandemic world. Game Pill has seen an increase in the number of Canadian and international applicants, many with advanced skills and experience in other industries looking to break into the gaming arena.

Despite the tragedy of the pandemic, Game Pill offers a silver lining; the game’s opportunity for those interested in retooling, career development and remote transition.

Game pill has seen an increase in demand for jobs in games for writers, artists, musicians, storytellers, programmers, 3D and 2D artists. They have also broadened their reach of potential talent through a more globalized workforce and the acceptance of remote working agreements. The founders are happy to answer questions and do interviews.

Game Pill: We do what we love so you love what we do!

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Game Pill is a group of experienced and motivated digital creators, working alongside industry-leading partners. Our talented team of artists, programmers and designers strive to create the innovative game worlds of tomorrow.

With 16 years of combined interactive experience, prior to starting Game Pill, Mike was a Brand Director for Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers, and is no stranger to entertainment. Mike is a prolific producer and CEO, having created over 100 game titles on various platforms since 2008. These titles range from casual mini-games to large-scale digital media projects for clients such as Nickelodeon, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney, Discovery Channel and others. Interested in toy design, he obtained his Toy Invention Certificate in 2020 under the guidance of leading toy designer Spin Master, and recently consulted for Sago Mini and others.

Mary sorrenti is the vice president of Game Pill, where she oversees finance, business and production, ensuring her internal teams stay motivated and customer service remains paramount. As a CPA, Mary spent the first half of her career providing business and tax advice to some From Canada most successful companies before finding their place in the interactive digital media world. She has over 15 years of experience leading teams and managing projects, from concept to final deliverable. Mary also sits on the Interactive Ontario Board of Directors and is Chair of its “Advocacy Committee”.

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