NJ Town to remove ‘little free library’ after someone complains

Who would complain about a small library?

Throughout this pandemic, as lockdown restrictions isolated us from friends, family and community, random acts of kindness could be seen everywhere. These little things helped us stay connected and build a sense of community, even though we couldn’t be together.

One such example occurred outside of Tina Musich’s Oradell house. A box, not much bigger than a letter box, full of books. She called it a “little free library” and for months people would pick a book to read and leave one behind. Children’s books are particularly popular.

The “little library” is not unique, there are others in New Jersey and even a nonprofit organization dedicated to setting up free booklets. But Tina’s library is special to her, and she says she has brought joy to many.

But not at all. Someone in the neighborhood complained. Now city officials have told Tina to get rid of it. It’s in violation of local zoning ordinances, they say.

Tina was shocked. She began a petition on Change.org, where she wrote: “Unfortunately due to a complaint we are forced to remove our little free library … I ask you to sign this petition to show your support. Your signature will help the mayor and council change laws and allow residents to install booklets in their front yards. “

Hundreds of local residents signed the petition, offering words of encouragement to Tina and despising the one who complained:

It’s a great initiative! How do zoning laws affect this little thing?

I think this is fantastic community service! And it’s so cute – not much different from a letterbox. How is that offensive?

It’s scandalous. Any amendment to be made to allow this type of community sharing and love of books must be.

Great idea to have this. Sometimes the rules are stupid!

Imagine complaining about free mini library boxes on private property or not allowing them. Make it happen, Oradell, I’ll pay (look at the tax bill) saint% * #! yeah you gotta make it.

This is a great addition who could complain?

NorthJersey.com Reports Mayor Dianne Didio declined to comment on the reasons for the small library to be dismantled, but promised the Oradell Borough Council would discuss the matter.

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