NBA gets roasted on Twitter for 75th anniversary logo

The NBA just unveiled its new logo commemorating the league’s 75th anniversary season and, as always, fans immediately pulled out their grids and started roasting the new design. Summer is a great time to roast, right?

Here’s a look at the all-new logo for the upcoming 2021-2022 NBA season – before we (I mean all of you) set it alight (via NBA):

This new logo, according to the league, will appear virtually everywhere throughout the 2021-2022 NBA season – on team fields, official merchandise, shows and social media.

After a ton of rumors and conversations about the possibility of changing the original logo, the league has now officially slammed all of that talk by sticking to a pretty safe choice. Despite the clamor to replace the iconic figure of Jerry West, who has become the face of the league since 1969, the league has simply chosen to put the very classic NBA logo inside a diamond – to commemorate the anniversary of the league diamond.

Obviously, people were quick to judge the new NBA logo. Here are a few more “creative”:

The Phoenix Suns, who are one of the last two NBA teams currently alongside the Milwaukee Bucks, also got Suns-inspired NBA logos:

same Dallas Morning News reporter Brad Townsend put his name in the hat for a possible logo entry:

It will be another tough season for Adam Silver with all of these new changes. At this rate, people might not get used to this new logo until the next season is almost over. Maybe, just maybe, by then we’ll have a new, legitimate logo. Until then, why, we’ve got this.

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