Montana is quite fishy – in a good way

It’s National Fishing and Boating Week and a recent data collection of online mentions on Twitter showed hashtag comments on fishing, such as fishing, fishing season, life of the fish. fish, the fishing site, etc. In fact, among the top 10 fishing states, Twitter had Montana at number three, just behind Minnesota and Nebraska in the top two.

Of course, the fishermen in Bitterroot and western Montana could have told you that. And the interest in fishing starts early. Bitterroot Trout Unlimited (BRTU) recently completed its first Hamilton High School Trout in the Classroom. Hieronymus Park.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Biologist Jason Lindstrom and Fisheries Technician Leslie Nyce helped release the 17 fish on May 24. Students in Vanessa Haflich’s class learned about the proper water quality and temperature for trout, how the ecosystem works, and lessons about stream habitat. The release site has been approved by the state. Dave Ward and Greg Chester from BRTU helped with the lessons and the class was an outgrowth of the Bitterroot Buggers program, teaching the art of fly-riding and conservation lessons.

Corvallis High School had a trout project in the classroom, but a malfunction in the aquarium prevented a successful conclusion. In the recent BRTU newsletter, Greg Chester reported that a Montana Trout Unlimited mini-grant would help them expand the program to high schools in Florence and Darby.

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