Microsoft just changed Windows 11’s most controversial design key

From the macOS-inspired flat design to the centered Start menu, many Windows 11 features have users worried since its unveiling last year. But arguably the most controversial of all was the frankly ridiculous method of changing the default web browser.

You’d think switching browsers would be as easy as a single click, right? You certainly wouldn’t expect you to choose the preference for every file type, would you? You wouldn’t expect to be armed to grow with Microsoft Edge, would you? Well, that’s exactly the situation Windows 11 users have found themselves in until this week. (Check out the best Microsoft Surface deals if you’re on the hunt for new gear.)

Windows 11

Windows 11 users didn’t like the centered Start menu (Image credit: Microsoft)

Not only did each extension (such as .html and .pdf) require individual assignment to a browser, but just about any web link included in the Windows operating system itself would open Microsoft Edge. This meant that the Start menu search bar was pretty useless for, say, Chrome users (I hear there are a few).

But in a rare moment of nod (like a slightly less dramatic version of Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog redesign), it looks like Microsoft listened to users. Finally, with the latest Windows 11 update, users can select a system-wide browser from the default apps menu in Settings.

Social media users have been calling the browser selection process a nightmare for nearly a year, so we have a feeling this subtle but profound change is going to prove to be a welcome one. Indeed, it’s been a busy week in the wacky world of web browsers – take a look at Google’s slightly interesting new Chrome icon.

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