Lucy Iverson is a defensive diamond for Naperville North. Do the Huskies love Lucy? Did they ever. “I trust her so much.” – Chicago Tribune

Naperville North’s Lucy Iverson plans to study graphic design in college.

“I like to be creative,” Iverson said. “I really like to draw – any kind of art.”

While Iverson has plenty of original ideas, the senior defender is following the pattern created by her older brother, Colin, on the football pitch.

Colin, who is three years older, was a starting center back who helped lead Naperville North to three straight state championships. The 2018 Naperville Sun Boys Football Player of the Year, he currently plays for Carthage.

Lucy had no intention of following exactly in her brother’s footsteps.

“I actually played forward until eighth grade,” Iverson said. “Then I changed clubs and the coaches put me back there. I just fell in love with it.

“That’s what my brother has always played. I thought that was a cool position for him, so it was fun to start digging into his role and learning from him.

Calvin-bound Iverson has been a diligent understudy for the Huskies, who beat Barrington 2-1 in double overtime on Saturday to win the prestigious Naperville Invitational.

The 6-foot-1 Iverson, who has the same lanky but solid body type as Colin, has modeled his style of play after him.

“Colin left his heart on the court every game and really showed me the dedication to winning and being a good player for North,” Iverson said. “I learned so much from my game, especially in the air.”

Both Iversons are known for their aerial prowess at both ends of the court. Lucy, who has three goals and six assists, is still a header threat.

“They both found a way to be tough in the air,” Naperville Central coach Ed Watson said. “It helps to be tall, but there are a lot of tall kids who aren’t very good in the air.

“There is a talent for that.”

Naperville North coach Steve Goletz says talent isn’t easy to master.

“It’s a tough play to judge a ball,” Goletz said. “Lucy does it constantly, puts herself in danger and she is such a big piece of the puzzle. She is a fantastic and versatile child.

The top-ranked Huskies (14-1-2) have allowed just five goals this season. Iverson’s presence looms large.

Junior defender Maggie Fizgerald, who scored the game-winning goal against Barrington on a Norah Barry throw-in, admires Iverson.

“She’s like a tower,” Fitzgerald said. “Every time she goes for the ball she puts her head on it, and if she doesn’t we’re all set if the ball comes behind her.

“But that rarely happens. I trust her so much.

Iverson patrols the field with quiet confidence. Colin has attended many of her games this season, and while his encouragement helps her, she said her influence isn’t necessarily verbal.

“It’s more what he showed me,” Iverson said. “He showed me the mental toughness on the pitch and his work rate. He’s going to fight until the last minute.

“It influenced and inspired me.”

Goletz, who is also an assistant for the men’s team, enjoyed coaching both players.

“The Iversons are a big family,” Goletz said. “Kids are built to work hard, do whatever the team needs to win.”

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There have been many victories.

Iverson’s mother, Laura, coached the Naperville North men’s volleyball team to the 1997 state title. Their father, Dan, led the women’s cross country team to nine national championships. ‘State.

Lucy raced across the country for all four years for her dad and was a member of the 2019 state title team, although she did not race statewide.

Winning a state football championship would be the perfect end to his high school career.

“It would be phenomenal to do that,” Iverson said. “All we can do is give it our all and see where it takes us.

“I hope that will be to say, but we can never be disappointed if we give our best.”

Matt Le Cren is a freelance writer for the Naperville Sun.

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