Internova launches a marketing campaign aimed at consumers

“If machines can’t dream, how will they plan your vacation? This is one of the questions asked by Internova Travel Group as part of its new consumer marketing campaign launched this week. The Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign will feature long and short videos, paid and organic social ads and more. The basic concept being: Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) will never know you as well as a human travel counselor – and they certainly won’t be there for you when things go wrong on the trip.

In a press event this week before the launch, Brent Rivard, Marketing Director at Internova, said: “We may never again have a more attentive audience to hear the benefits of booking with a human being. This means that consumers became all too aware of the difficulty of canceling or modifying their travel plans early in the season. COVID-19[feminine pandémie. “Le coût de se tromper était vraiment important”, a-t-il ajouté.

« La pandémie de COVID-19 a mis en lumière les horreurs des perturbations des voyages d’une nouvelle manière », a déclaré JD O’Hara, PDG d’Internova Travel Group. « Les individus et les familles bloqués sans remboursement et un soutien limité ont cédé la place à un climat de frustration extrême. Beaucoup ont réalisé que se tromper de voyage – personnel ou professionnel – peut avoir des conséquences très réelles et très pénibles.

Vous pouvez visionner l’une des vidéos “Book Human” ici :

For the “Go Human. Human Book.Rivard said the challenge was to reframe travel bookings from “self-service” to full-service. ”A secondary goal was to instill a sense of pride and energy within the advisor base of Internova The goal: “Make people fall in love with the idea of ​​booking a trip with people.”

Creations include various slogans, such as “0% of bots speak to manager for your” or “Machines book thousands of trips.” But they haven’t been on one.

Marketing will initially last 12 weeks with an emphasis on New York City and The bone Angela (and the surrounding 25 miles for each). The ads will target people aged 35 to 64 in the top 25 percent of postal codes for household income. This targeting leverages mobile device and location data to find the unique audience. Ads send consumers to BookHuman.Travel—A new Internova website. The site’s tagline reads: “We want to change the way you think about booking travel.” It also allows consumers to browse a handpicked selection of Internova travel counselors. Consumers can browse advisors by location, travel destinations, interests, and languages. The current deployment has 33 advisers in the program and more will be added over time, Angie High School, president of World travel collection, mentionned.

Licea added that there is no charge for counselors to be part of the program; rather, it’s a way for Internova to help advisors rebuild their business.

“With the growth of direct-to-consumer sales over the past year, this platform offers the customer a relevant and meaningful choice when looking for a travel counselor,” Internova said in a press release. “The reservation website elevates the experience far beyond chatbots and algorithms and harnesses the power of face-to-face human connection built into the accessibility and immediacy of the digital world. The user interface design is optimized for desktops and mobile devices.

In Internova’s announcement, he noted that a travel counselor can save the “average handyman” time and money while providing peace of mind. Customers can also benefit from personalized attention, “like an upgrade from a premium cabin on a flight, to a welcome basket that awaits them and their families in their hotel room.”

In total, Internova represents more than 62,000 travel counselors at more than 6,000 company-owned and affiliated locations around the world.

“Go Human. Human Book. campaign was developed in partnership with Broken heart love story. The agency was chosen through a competitive process, as well as WaveMaker as a media agency. The development of the web experience was led by sister agency Broken Heart Love Affair, For life To crush.


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