Interface launches new carpet and vinyl flooring

Interface launches new carpet and vinyl flooring

Interface’s new Beaumont Range™ Carpet Tile and Fresco Valley™ LVT flooring emphasize the connection between people and the natural world.

InterfaceThe latest flooring launches from – the Beaumont Range™ carpet tile collection and the Fresco Valley™ LVT – emphasize the connection between people and the natural world, centered on the idea that “nature works “. These products reflect the way interior spaces are changing – becoming more in tune with nature and adapting to interiors that promote well-being.

Beaumont Range™ Carpet Tile Collection

With four styles inspired by the ever-changing beauty of mountain trails, Interface®’s Beaumont Range™ carpet tile collection reflects the growing connection between nature and wellness. It includes three plank styles – Mesa™, Eben™ and Ferris™ – plus Zera™, a companion carpet tile from FLOR® that captures the endless elegance of marbled stone in a square format.

These styles are based on Interface’s smart i2™ design innovation, which mimics the random beauty of a forest floor through checkered tile variations in pattern, color and texture. Using this innovative new design approach, the Beaumont range offers substantial pattern variation in every style. The result is a one-of-a-kind soilscape every time, beautifully varied yet consistent like that found in nature.

The collection is made using processes and materials that result in a low carbon footprint, such as 100% recycled nylon.

Fresco Valley™ LVT

Interface’s Fresco Valley™ luxury vinyl tile collection® incorporates exquisite, natural detail in three original 4.5mm Sound Choice™ LVT styles – Cliff™, Ridge™ and Great Heights™.

Fresco Valley Interface Flooring

Fresco Valley expands Interface’s biophilic flooring portfolio, reflecting how today’s cities and interior spaces are increasingly in tune with nature and more focused on occupant well-being. With designs ranging from metallic minerals to rich wood grains that vary from tile to tile, the collection features unique patterns born from nature and sophisticated hues that aim to enrich and enliven workplaces.

As pioneers in sustainability, Interface advocates for design that positively impacts people, spaces and the planet. Like all Interface products, all three LVT styles in the Fresco Valley collection are carbon neutral throughout their full lifecycle through the manufacturer’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. This means that when designers choose Interface flooring, they choose to reduce the carbon footprint of their spaces and improve the health of the planet.

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