How Nick Collins is growing and bringing his billion-dollar ideas to the SMB market

Imagine growing up in the 80s as a network architect for a father who left you your first computer while you were still in elementary school. Good deal, right? Well, that’s the origin story of none other than the CEO and Founder of Sartoris Technology, today. Digital Sartoristhe one-stop-shop for business owners of all sizes to manage their online presence and traffic.

Nick Collins’ company is a digital marketing agency that provides paid advertising, social media management, website and mobile app development, and SEO for clients ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. The company has worked with many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, some of which are so impressive that their names are confidential – we know who they are though, and we can tell you that they are quite the names to have on your Business CV.

Sartoris Digital has not always been open to just anyone, but to the most prestigious companies. But since the advent of COVID-19, the company has decided to open its doors to small businesses – a decision that has benefited both Collins, his team and their new customers.

Collins enjoys the innovative freedom of working with event planners and mobile app developers, among others. He told us that he now prefers working with small and medium-sized companies because of their inherent creativity and personal touches. Due to his early introduction to technology and its wonders from his father, Collins is convinced of the positive effects that come from bringing creativity into the technological space.

Creativity and technology collide

In 6th grade, Collins developed his first website, with customers calling his parents’ landline at all hours asking for a Mr. Collins, meaning the young entrepreneur.

At that time, he taught his grandfather, who worked in commercial printing, how to print with modern digital tools rather than his familiar analogue.

Later, still eager and inspired by the creative world, he attended film school. This duality of interests makes him an excellent leader, as he can meet the unique needs of his clients while understanding which side of the brain they come from.

He made animations using the beta version of FutureSplash Animator and was at the forefront of many creative technological advancements that seemed to marry the two fields in harmony. Around this time, Collins became the top flash developer in the Kenosha area for 16 years.

Sartoris Adventures

Then came Sartoris Technology, now Sartoris Digital, which he founded in 2013. It worked very well from the start thanks to word of mouth. Collins did not use marketing or advertising to ensure the success of his new venture.

The move from ‘technology’ to ‘digital’ comes from a kind of rebranding, with bespoke approaches in the works for each client. COVID-19 has left Collins as the last man standing in his industry, but Sartoris has had to pivot its customer base from large enterprises to companies of all sizes to stay afloat.

This pivot was integral to Collins’ success. As many of us know, the biggest flaw of many entrepreneurs is clinging too tightly to their initial dreams. This serial entrepreneur knew this would be his downfall, and not only adjusted accordingly, but loves his new niche.

“I work with so many amazing people that I would never have met otherwise,” he told us. “They say the student ends up teaching their mentor, and I feel the same way about my clients. The people I work for teach me every day, and the collaboration of many great minds has been so enjoyable to participate in. »

On the question of whether Collins will soon venture into “big fish only” territory, he argues that Sartoris Digital will continue to serve all customers who can benefit from its services, and that it will let the customer base continue to guiding Sartoris’ path towards its assuredly bright future.

About Nick Collins and Sartoris Digital

Sartoris Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid advertising, social media, website development and SEO for large enterprises as well as small businesses. The company has worked with Fortune 500 and 100 companies. For more information, please visit

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