Google Play gets a new compatibility section and lots of design changes

It’s a big week for google play after some of the updates it received in its UI design. Apart from this, the Store is launching a new section called “Compatibility for your active devices” which shows whether the app is compatible with your device or not.

According to 9To5Google, the new Compatibility section is visible on a few devices, so clearly a global rollout is not available at this time. For those who are already familiar with this update, you can access it by going to the lower part of the “About this app” section of an app list.

Photo credits: 9To5Google

“This section shows you if this app works on your devices,” the description reads. “You will only see devices linked to your Google Account that have been active within the last 30 days.”

It is divided into smaller sections: call, Wear OS watch and Android/Google TV. Each subsection provides information about said devices, such as device name, compatibility, version, download size, and operating system required. With this, the information can be redundant, especially since there is already the main “App Info” section which generalizes the details given in the subsections. Still, displaying these smaller sections will help Play Store users have more relevant information regarding a specific device. For example, if they are concerned about the compatibility of a portable device, they can simply visit the corresponding section. Unfortunately, these subsections do not have dedicated labels indicating whether they are for phone, wearable or Android/Google TV, although device names are displayed.

Apart from the new Compatibility section, Play Store is being overhauled. There are a lot of changes made. Here are some of the most notable changes we noticed:

New Google Play web UI

  • The search is turned to a simple small button placed in the upper right part of the screen before the help and the avatar of your account. The top bar is accessible on all pages/tabs.
  • the Application tabs The view has filters for Phone, Tablet, TV, Chromebook, Watch, and Car. The Games tab has lost the Watch and Car filters.
  • App previews are larger.

Google Play Games tab showing an overview of the Mobile Legends app list

  • The list of game apps will show you a large section that plays preview videos of games. It initially takes up almost the entire screen until you scroll down. The game’s big title is included in this preview section, and below are the app’s reviews, downloads, and rating details. At the bottom of this area, you also get the Install and Add to Wishlist buttons and information if the app is available for your device.

Google Play Movies tab showing Eternals listing poster

  • Click on movies in Movies tab will also give you a large section. However, instead of playing a preview video, the large area is taken up by the movie poster (although there is a button for video preview). Also in this visual section are the movie title, reviews, tomometer, rating and buttons to buy or rent the movie.

Google Play, list of Google Meet apps with app suggestions from developer Google LLC

  • The listings display large app screenshots, while the side is used for other recommended apps and movies to download.
  • Lists of social media apps and other types of apps just show icons and screenshots along with their other details like reviews, downloads, and ratings.

Google LLC apps on Google Play

  • The developer’s page will instantly show you all the apps they offer.
  • The bottom bar on Google Play mobile is improved.
  • Switching to a new tab will drag a bar indicator.

links for Play Pass, Play Points, Gift Cards, Redeem, Refund Policy, Parental Guide and Family Sharing at the bottom of the Google Play page

  • You can now access the links for Play Pass, Play Points, Gift Cards, Redeem, Refund Policy, Parental Guide, and Family Sharing at the bottom of the page.
  • The Books tab, which links to Your wishlist and Your library, allows you to access the old design that is still available.

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