Google Pixel 6 series bug causes transparent or blurry notification shadow

The Google Pixel 6 series of smartphones have been available since October. It seems they haven’t been completely tweaked, as users have discovered multiple aspects that need to be improved.

The most recent reports point to a bug where the notification shade suddenly becomes transparent or blurry. But, interestingly, some users prefer what the “buggy” interface looks like (1, 2, 3).

Google Pixel 6 issue causes transparent or blurry notification shade

According to reports from users of the Google Pixel 6 series, there is a curious bug that adds a transparent or blurry background to the notification shade. This makes the design more “eye-catching” for some.

So I’m not sure if anyone else has been through this and guess it’s just a bug but I was thinking to see if anyone else has had this.

I saw that some people who had received the update in mid-November (I think they were Japanese and US Verizon users) noticed that the notification shade had turned slightly transparent, like in previous versions of Android.

Update: It’s reverted to a bold black / gray color as usual. So I can only assume it was a bug.

I forgot to mention that I am using the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Normally, the notification shade interface displays solid colors, not transparencies. You can see what the effect of the bug looks like in the following video:

Some users are reporting that the bug sometimes happened when trying to adjust the screen brightness using the notification shade shortcut.

My 6 Pro does this every time I adjust the brightness using the Quick Adjust slider. Transparency disappears after turning the screen off and on again. I also spotted the same transparent shade in the MKBHD review video.

Some users prefer the look of the “glitchy” user interface

Although the transparent effect is caused by a bug, some users prefer its appearance. They even ask Google to make fuzzy notification shadow an option (1, 2, 3, 4):

I had my phone today, rebooted for an update, and suddenly the notification shade had a nice transparent blur over everything behind it. Then he disappeared again. The transparent blur looked so much prettier than the solid color blob.


It’s not yet clear if Google is aware of the situation, or if this “accidental” design will become an option for the Pixel 6 in the future.

In the coming days, if there are any new developments in this regard, we will update this article. You can also consult the dedicated issue / bug tracker for the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.
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