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Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman hosts cooking classes across Long Island, including the Barry and Florence Friedberg JCC Cooking with Stars course in Oceanside for adults with special needs, such as Down syndrome or autism. The class, made up of 18 people, has been in person since October.

On the menu for the December 22 course was pasta with basil and spinach pesto. After the class watched Gottlieb Herman, 59, who has taught at the JCC since 2014, prepare the meal, they enjoyed an afternoon of Italian cooking.

Gottlieb Herman didn’t start out as a chef. “My original background was television,” she said. “I used to work for NBC News. I used to produce food segments and other special segments for the Sunday version of ‘The Today Show’. I worked on ‘The Today Show’, I worked on ‘Nightly News,’ I did Martha Stewart behind the scenes, really all sorts of stuff, but even though my chosen career was television, the food segments were what I loved the most.

Gottlieb Herman worked longer and longer hours as his career took off – sometimes up to 80 hours a week. However, she had to change her focus once health issues started showing up in her family. “My dad got sick, and at the same time that happened NBC was bought out by GE, and as a result of that buyout my job was eventually cut,” Gottlieb Herman said.

She left NBC in 1993. “I knew I would be able to find a job in those years,” she said. “The problem was my dad, and I couldn’t take away 80 hours a week when he needed me. I put my career and television on the back burner because family should always come first.

She dabbled in market research, hosting focus groups for L’Oréal, Lancôme and other high-end companies. Eventually things settled down enough with her father’s health, and in 2001 she married her husband, Michael Herman, whom she met in 1995. “He wanted to get married much earlier, but my parents were my priority,” said Gottlieb Herman.

Shortly after, the unexpected happened. Nine months after their marriage in 2002, her father died. “It was something I just didn’t expect,” Gottlieb Herman said. “I needed a way to honor his memory.”

Gottlieb Herman received advice that would shape the rest of his career. “When the time is right, sometimes people will give you the wisest advice, but sometimes the time is not right. You are grieving and you cannot listen. Fortunately, on the day of my father’s funeral, the gentleman who served my father said to me, “I want to give you some advice, and I really hope you follow it. Think of ways to honor your father’s legacy that meant so much for him.

Gottlieb Herman knew right away what her father loved and what she needed to do. “My dad loved food,” she says. “He did cooking classes, restaurant classes, we would go to restaurants for fun in Brooklyn. If I become a chef to inspire others, then that’s my father’s legacy.

In 2005 Chef Paula was born and she has been working there ever since. “When I pitched, my mom was sick at the time, so I couldn’t go full throttle,” she said. “But when my mother died the following September, everything was on deck. My mother saw me as a leader.

Despite the global pandemic, Gottlieb Herman continued her cooking lessons with the help of her husband. “2020 happened, and it was a blow because my whole business was on the line,” she said. “Before the pandemic, I was in 14 schools and also in JCCs. But the schools weren’t reopening and we had to go virtual. I had no idea how to do it. I’m a TV person, not a Zoom person, but my husband said we’d make it work.

The couple remodeled their dining room into a cooking studio complete with lights and cameras. “My husband was my lucky charm,” Gottlieb Herman said. “My mission to honor my dad wasn’t necessarily his mission, but he made it his mission, and Michael is my brilliant number two when it comes to my web design and my graphics and my ability to create beautiful designs. You’re dealing with a classic Wall Street trained software developer – probably the smartest brain you’ll ever come into contact with. I can’t build websites. I can’t doing graphic design. I can’t do videos. Michael handles all that stuff. He allowed me to get my message out there.

Health and well-being drive employee engagement, says GuineaPig co-founder https://8mgdesign.com/health-and-well-being-drive-employee-engagement-says-guineapig-co-founder/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 11:04:44 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/health-and-well-being-drive-employee-engagement-says-guineapig-co-founder/

According to Indeed, 52% of American workers suffer from burnout, compared to 43% in the pre-pandemic Job Aggregator survey. Since spring 2020, businesses have been looking for digital experiences and virtual activities that can boost morale.

This is more important than ever during the Great Resignation, during which record numbers of Americans are quitting their jobs. Nearly 40 million workers quit in 2021, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since the start of the pandemic, employees have been asking for higher wages, better conditions and more mobility. Essential workers, in particular, have left their posts for greener pastures.

Svensson believes GuineaPig can help companies with recruitment and retention. “Every leader is concerned with maintaining employee engagement,” says Svensson. “Health and wellness is a great opportunity to achieve this. “

In the summer, as government restrictions eased across the country, it turned out that the worst of the coronavirus was in the rearview mirror. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case as cases of COVID-19 have recently increased due to the spread of the Omicron variant. Several major Silicon Valley players, including Google, Apple, Meta and Uber, have canceled plans to return to the office at the dawn of 2022.

Svensson sees this as another opportunity for GuineaPig to prosper.

Canadian military website shows massive numbers on COVID-19 https://8mgdesign.com/canadian-military-website-shows-massive-numbers-on-covid-19/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 20:14:27 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/canadian-military-website-shows-massive-numbers-on-covid-19/

Defense Research and Development Canada

Thunder Bay – COVID-19 Update – The Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Northwestern Health Unit say that due to changes in COVID-19 testing, testing has been limited due to new guidelines.

In Manitoba, the actual number of COVID-19 cases is likely much higher – as many as eight to ten times, according to the deputy chief public health officer Dr. Jazz Awtal. “There are a lot of cases that we don’t know about. Historically, with the… Delta [coronavirus variant], we knew that for every case we identified, we were missing four, ”Awtal said at a press conference. “With this Omicron variant, probably for every case we’ve identified, we’re missing maybe eight, maybe 10 cases.”

This combination of factors has led to confusion over what the real numbers might be with the COVID-19 reports.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported: “Up to 41% of Winnipeggers could have active COVID-19, suggests military modeling – a week after province admitted it can no longer accurately record growing number of cases .

This estimated prevalence is based on the typical ratio of known cases to asymptomatic cases that never get tested, the incubation times of the novel coronavirus and when they are most infectious to others, according to a dashboard designed by Defense Research and Development. Canada, a government agency that advises the Canadian Armed Forces.

A spokesperson for the Department of National Defense told NetNewsLedger: “We are providing this tool primarily for use by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to understand their local risk environment in Canada and abroad and not to individuals. general public health purposes.

“We do not have an advisory role to government outside of the CAF. The tool has been made available globally to provide easy access to CAF Medical Advisors, regardless of location and as part of the Government of Canada’s Open Data initiative. Knowing that only a fraction of COVID-19 infections are detected by testing, the numbers found in this model are not numbers of cases, but rather estimates based on existing epidemiological information. In short, it is a tool used to estimate trends in prevalence and not actual cases ”.

Using information provided by the Defense Research and Development site, the Winnipeg Free Press reports, “In data updated Tuesday morning, the scorecard suggests that about 41.4% of the population of The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has active COVID-19 at 326,317 people.

“Officially, Manitoba has 22,605 active laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Winnipeg – although the province says this is vastly underreported, as PCR lab tests are rationed to select groups. “

Using the data, this suggests that the numbers for COVID-19 in the Thunder Bay district have climbed between 16% and 21% of the population.

The numbers in the Northwestern Health Unit serving area are similar.

These numbers, if correct, would place the COVID-19 numbers in the 20,000 case range, if the data is correct.

Thunder Bay City Manager Norm Gale told NetNewsLedger: “I cannot offer any data on the prevalence of COVID-19 in Thunder Bay; I also cannot comment on the website you share with us.

In development… This landmark story will be updated…

Caring for someone with COVID-19

If anyone in your home has COVID-19, here are some care tips to keep you and your home safe.

  • Limit care responsibilities to one person. Ideally, this person would be fully immunized.
  • Protect yourself by both wearing a medical mask, washing your hands frequently, disinfecting high-contact surfaces, distancing yourself when possible, and maintaining good ventilation in common areas.
  • Stock up on essentials like groceries, cleaning supplies, and prescriptions before your isolation begins.
  • Watch yourself and the person you are caring for for symptoms.
  • The caregiver must quarantine himself with the person positive for COVID-19.
Heavy Metal: PC Control Guides Steel Forming https://8mgdesign.com/heavy-metal-pc-control-guides-steel-forming/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 16:11:41 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/heavy-metal-pc-control-guides-steel-forming/

Haeusler AG, based in Duggingen, Switzerland, is a leader in the implementation of large-scale installations for forming metal plates. Haeusler is a specialist machine manufacturer which now employs around 120 people. Since its founding in 1936, the company has developed a wide variety of machines and production lines, including customer-specific designs, for processing sheet metal for use in applications such as wind turbine towers, pipelines, the Ariane rocket, shipbuilding and electrical enclosures. factories and reactors.

At the end of 2020, the machine builder delivered a giant 1,245-ton straightening machine to one of China’s largest shipyards. One of the largest of its kind in the world, the machine is used in the production of tanker hulls. After an 18 month design and construction period, the last RI 4000 X 87 straightening machine was delivered to the Chinese customer.

Proven machine expertise

The Haeusler RI machine series is equipped with five, seven, nine or 11 straightening rollers, depending on the technical specifications. This includes the latest and massive forming system, the RI 4000 X 87, which builds on the company’s 80 years of experience in the field.

Standing 12 meters high, with a dead weight of 1,245 tonnes and equipped with five large straightening rollers, this latest system can apply up to 19,000 tonnes of force in forming processes. It is capable of machining high tensile steel sheets 120mm thick, 4m wide and 12m long (yield strength 1000 N / mm2) weighing up to 45 tons. Haeusler officials said the ability to process these huge dimensions of metal plates offers significant advantages over traditional straightening solutions.

Machining this type of steel sheet simply cannot be compared to forming a typical sheet a few millimeters thick. Here it is more a question of regularly aligning the plates as a rule – which are sometimes slightly wavy after manufacture – for the following work steps. Another task is to homogenize the stresses appearing in the sheet through several cold rolling passes.

For these purposes, the RI series offers a number of features, such as special individual adjustment of the rollers for optimum straightening of thin and very thick sheets. Direct roller drive provides automatic speed compensation and built-in overload protection. For this need, Haeusler turned to Beckhoff PC-based control technology to ensure that the enormous forces required for precise forming of steel parts are guided in the right direction.

Intelligent machine control

Another feature of the RI series is its intelligent machine control system, according to Haeusler. Beckhoff control technology enables users to achieve optimum machining results in a short period of time. The modular components are distributed and networked with the high performance EtherCAT communication system, which can be ideally adapted to the particular requirements of the dresser.

“Beckhoff’s strength lies in the breadth of the portfolio and in particular the degree of openness of PC-based control and EtherCAT technology,” said Patrick Stadler, deputy director of the electrical department at Haeusler. “This means that if third-party components such as position measuring systems are required, they can be integrated without much effort.

“In addition, a second control computer has been installed in the plant for a downstream measurement application, which allows quality checks to be carried out after dressing,” continued Stadler. “Using the EL6695 EtherCAT bridge terminal, the two controllers can be connected to enable real-time data communication with minimal effort. We also use ADS to transfer process parameters between controllers via TCP / IP and to the HMI we developed ourselves, and we also like how open the interface is in this regard.

As another example, Stadler mentions a very precise laser used to measure the flatness of straightened steel plates: “The laser has an RS422 interface and could be easily integrated into the EL6021 serial interface and the corresponding TwinCAT library without project planning. meticulous.

“A complex hydraulic system is powered by an 8,000 liter oil tank, which transfers up to 3,500 liters of oil per minute,” he added. The hydraulic torque control of seven axes simultaneously has been implemented, with torques of up to 10 million Nm. The system is supplied with a power of up to 2,500 A (at full load), of which the the majority is used for hydraulics.

Stadler also sees another advantage in the TwinCAT OPC UA server (TS6100): “With this OPC UA interface, we offer the end customer the possibility of efficiently integrating the machine into the management of his workshop”, he said. .

Peter Reinstadler is regional sales manager for Beckhoff Switzerland.

This article appeared in Power and movement.

Human trafficking at the center of the discussions and the press conference https://8mgdesign.com/human-trafficking-at-the-center-of-the-discussions-and-the-press-conference/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 21:23:45 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/human-trafficking-at-the-center-of-the-discussions-and-the-press-conference/

Governor Greg Gianforte and Attorney General Austin Knudsen hosted a press conference at the Montana State Crime Lab in Missoula to draw attention to the topic of slavery and human trafficking in Montana.

Surrounded by sheriff’s law enforcement and police departments,

Governor Gianforte opened the meeting with this statement.

“Human trafficking occurs in all of our communities across the state and we need to come together to work on it,” Governor Gianforte said. “It’s in our urban communities, it’s in our rural communities, it’s in our tribal communities, and really no community is beyond the reach of these crimes. In our tribal communities, human trafficking also contributes to the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous peoples. It is a surprisingly tragic reality, but it is a reality that you all face on a daily basis. “

On Tuesday’s Talk Back, Attorney General Knudsen appeared with Hochhalter and Col. Steve Lavin, Commander of the Montana Highway Patrol.

Knudsen gave Hochhalter credit for drawing his attention directly to the subject of human trafficking.

“Lowell was one of the first guys who really caught me about a year and a half ago during my campaign,” Knudsen said. “He hit me in the head with a two par four and told me how much of a problem it was in Montana, because I really had no idea. But it’s just a huge, huge problem, Peter, his human trafficking. It is sexual slavery. It is modern day slavery. People here in Montana really don’t really understand, I think how much of a problem that is. We would like to think it’s Montana and it doesn’t exist here and it’s a big city problem. But I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely a problem. Lowell can speak about it much more eloquently than I can. But yeah, that’s why we’re here this morning.

During the press conference, Hochhalter recounted an experience that clarified the need for speed and urgency in responding to human trafficking incidents. He referred to an incident that occurred in Wye that was called by the Montana Human Trafficking Hotline.

“I have two 13-year-olds who offer me sex,” Hochhalter said. “Can someone come out and help.” Two of our MPs responded, and by the time they got there they were gone. It was Thursday. The following Tuesday I was in the sheriff’s office and the captain of detectives walked up to me and said, ‘Hey, you’re going to want to watch out for that. It just fell on the national hotline. Apparently there are two girls at Wye knocking on the truckers’ doors. It was the same incident that happened a few days earlier. I mean, if we were late then we were still late five days later.

In other words, it took five days for the message to reach the national hotline from Missoula.

Governor Gianforte closed the meeting by thanking all participants and emphasizing action to resolve the issue of human trafficking.

“First I want to thank you for the work you all do,” said Gianforte. “I take two messages from it. One is awareness, whether it’s the number (hotline) promoted in restrooms across the state or on delivery trucks, and the other is that we need to have the resources to be aggressive on the law enforcement side, to make it a hostile environment for these criminals here in Montana.

The Montana Human Trafficking Hotline is 833-406-STOP.

To learn more about the Lifeguard group, click here.

LOOKING BACK: Pictures of Missoula and how it has changed

Check out these photos of how Missoula has changed over the past decade.

WATCH: Photos from Montana’s own Earthship

A new Airbnb in Big Sky, MT gives you the chance to have a totally off-grid experience.

READ MORE: See 50 remote jobs that can pay well

End of Vernon County Biparty Clothing Drive for Afghan Refugees | News https://8mgdesign.com/end-of-vernon-county-biparty-clothing-drive-for-afghan-refugees-news/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 15:00:00 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/end-of-vernon-county-biparty-clothing-drive-for-afghan-refugees-news/

Members of the Vernon County Democratic and Republican parties who gathered in November to collect clothing and personal items for refugees staying at Fort. McCoy says they have met the immediate needs of this population and are no longer collecting items. The group says the campaign was a success and they were able to collect more than 12 pallets of materials that went to the base over the past month.

The group organized local businesses, churches, civic organizations, and nonprofits to collect the items, and then shipped the materials to Fort. Mc Coy where they were distributed by the non-profit organization Save Our Allies. The materials included clothing, personal care items, educational materials, sets of sewing supplies, books and suitcases.

Initially, there were around 13,000 refugees in Fort. Placement pending for McCoy. It’s unclear how much remains at the base, but the group says the placement of the refugees in permanent homes has gone faster than expected, reducing the need to continue collecting materials.

The groups said the influx of support from individuals and businesses exceeded their expectations and they were able to put together a large amount of material in a very short period of time. The group said several companies in particular have stepped up to provide essential items and services. Southwest Sanitation in Viroqua provided large bins to collect and transport the materials. Nelson Agri-Center provided a truck and driver to transport the materials to the base. Proline Printing provided poster printing. Cashton Farm Supply donated the pallets and sylerstudio provided the graphic design.

Civic organizations have helped set up collection points and collect materials, including Viroqua Rotary and Viroqua Lions. A number of businesses and organizations collected materials including Nelson Agri-Center, Sleepy Hollow Chevrolet, Southwest Sanitation, Cashton Farm Supply, County Seat Laundry, Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital Hillsboro, Quillin’s Market, Vernon Memorial Hospital, CouleeCap, Viroqua Area Schools and Westby Schools in the area.

The group said any remaining materials collected will be distributed to local nonprofits and other outlets to help those in need.

Why are there so many programming languages? https://8mgdesign.com/why-are-there-so-many-programming-languages/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 01:31:53 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/why-are-there-so-many-programming-languages/

It was in the 1940s that the world’s first programming language named Plankalkül was developed. The first commercially launched programming language was FORTRAN (FORMula TRANslation) in 1956. Since then a number of new programming languages ​​have emerged. The list is quite long and includes the most common programming languages ​​like Cobol, C, C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python, Ruby, Perl, Go, etc.

Sometimes you wonder why there are so many programming languages. Why can’t there be just one or fewer programming languages? What is the need to have multiple programming languages? To answer such questions, here are some important things we need to know about programming languages.

Evolution of technology – Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the past decades. And this trend will only accelerate in the future. New technologies are constantly being developed, on the basis of which new products and services are launched. This has led to the emergence of several dozen programming languages. While it is theoretically possible to use an old programming language for new technology, a new programming language developed especially for specific projects can work much better.

Variety of IT projects – Different programming languages ​​respond to different types of projects. For example, C # is most often used for game development, mobile and desktop applications, and virtual reality (VR). In the case of JavaScript, it is used for mobile apps, web development, game development, and web servers. HTML and CSS are most often associated with website development. Python is primarily used for data science, back-end development, and application development. Perl is intended for GUI development, system administration, and network programming. Likewise, other programming languages ​​have a specific purpose to fulfill.

Cost and time – Theoretically, you can use any programming language for any computer task. The only thing is that some programming languages ​​are better equipped to handle a specific project. By analogy, consider the possibility of traveling from the east coast to the west coast. You can also do this by bicycle, but a better way to do it will be by using a plane or a car. The same goes for programming languages. It is the variable nature of computer tasks that prompted researchers to come up with different programming languages.

Developer preference – Developers have a preference for certain programming languages, depending on what they find to be easier to learn, understand and perform. This is also the reason that probably motivated innovators and researchers to come up with new programming languages.

The search for new programming languages ​​will likely be a never-ending process. New technologies and the need to do things faster, more accurately, reliably, and cost effectively will continue to create space for new programming languages.

why unsubscribing has never been so popular https://8mgdesign.com/why-unsubscribing-has-never-been-so-popular/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 16:14:00 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/why-unsubscribing-has-never-been-so-popular/

The other day I received a non-negotiable annual bill that had swelled from last year. I watched it for a few minutes, resolved to pay it off, then immediately responded by canceling the media subscription at the top of my danger list.

I had cut a discretionary purchase and would be even worse off than before the bill, but at least freed myself from the guilt of rarely using that particular subscription to justify its monthly expense. The victory was mine, really. Opposite, global inflationary pressures.

Apologies for sharing this mundane January non-saga, but its banality sort of is the point. People love to announce when they’ve unsubscribed on a matter of principle.

The motive is at least as often a lackluster financial motive combined with every media company’s biggest enemy: indifference. There is no big break, just a slow fizz.

Churn, that scornful sounding word that businesses use for their customer attrition rate, isn’t as fun a topic to slip into business presentations as growth and growth potential, but it’s getting to be. more and more common in the media world. On the bright side, this is a problem that only comes with the luxury of having subscribers in the first place.

It is a turning point. Consumer choice is proliferating at a time when personal finances are in flux, markets such as subscription video-on-demand appear to be saturated, and demand for certain types of content – from home entertainment to hard news – is coming out. a peak inspired by the crisis.

Add inflation to the mix and the media industry could approach the churn of the century.

For subscription video on demand, Deloitte Global has predicted that by 2022, “at least 150 million” paid subscriptions will be canceled globally, with churn rates as high as 30%. “Heightened” competition will cause churn rate to “accelerate”, even in Europe, where churn rates are typically lower than in the more mature US streaming market.

The good news is that streamers will gain more subscribers than they lose. Additionally, the average number of subscriptions per person will increase, and in markets with the highest unsubscribe rate, people who previously canceled a service may in fact re-subscribe.

Subscriber loyalty

In the news media, figuring out how to both win and retain digital subscribers is a relatively new activity, but of increasingly critical importance.

One need only look at newspapers’ share of the Irish advertising market – which has grown from almost 25% in 2014 to 8% in 2021, according to GroupM – to understand why.

In the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism 2022 Trends and Forecasts report, four in five publishers surveyed say advancing subscription and membership strategies is one of their top revenue priorities. most important this year.

This brings the challenge of hanging on to subscribers gained during the Covid-19 crisis and countering “subscription fatigue”. Limiting the churn rate should be part of the skill set.

The Reuters Institute suggests that some publishers will use discounted offers and differential prices, “especially if the economy is down,” while for others the answer will lie in designing new products and new packages. of products.

Indeed, the ability to reach a wider audience through subscription packages is in large part the rationale for the New York Times Company’s decision to acquire the sports news publication The Athletic for a considerable sum of. $ 550 million (€ 487 million).

NYT Managing Director Meredith Kopit Levien told stock analysts last week that The Athletic, in addition to having the ability to grow as a standalone subscription, would also be used to help the NYT enter the market. and give it “a retention advantage”. The company would have “more things to engage with” when talking to customers: “Ultimately you started to hear us talk a lot more about the multi-product pack promise,” he said. she declared.

A similar tactic is at play when video streamers like Netflix and Disney Plus choose to make their services available as part of a package sold by cable and satellite TV companies. These platforms extend their reach, while bundled billing for services reduces the risk of customers canceling any of them.

Netflix, still a leader in the video streaming market, has long been seen as having lower churn rates than its competitors, a belief that appeared to be confirmed in a 2021 study by US research firm Antenna. The same research concluded that among the biggest names, Apple TV Plus had the highest churn rate.

Watch and go

Neither of the two findings should be surprising. Apple TV Plus is free for buyers of new Apple devices for three months if they take advantage of the offer within 90 days. There is plenty of time to watch whatever you want, then skate.

Netflix, meanwhile, is ridiculously savvy in everything from pay-TV partnerships to interface design (those ever-changing thumbnail images) to email marketing. Of course, its diverse, holistic and constantly evolving approach to content also contributes to this. But even its laissez-faire attitude to sharing passwords between households seems smart on the churn rate front: you’re less likely to cancel a service that someone else is also accessing.

The subscription I canceled was managed by Apple, which made it a hassle-free move. I chose the path of least resistance. If I could have delegated the necessary phone calls, I might have dropped another underused subscription first.

But that’s not an endorsement of the infamously common practice of making opt-out a delicate or technically difficult process.

Companies telling subscribers that they can cancel at any time, as long as there is a full moon, an “F” on the day of the week, and they agree to take this short phone questionnaire, do not have as an anti-churn strategy, they have a guaranteed method to deter former customers from returning.

Better to have an easy go, easy come back policy. That way, departing subscribers can focus on their terrible mistake – well, maybe after one or two discounted sweeteners or two.

A new open industry standard for class approval based on a 3D model https://8mgdesign.com/a-new-open-industry-standard-for-class-approval-based-on-a-3d-model/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 20:00:57 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/a-new-open-industry-standard-for-class-approval-based-on-a-3d-model/

As the shipping and shipbuilding industry is making great strides in digitization, there are more opportunities for Classification to streamline and speed up its approval processes where the use of 3D models instead of drawings has become a reality.

To date, plan approvals for new construction projects have been based on conventional 2D drawings. However, since most designers use 3D modeling software, the next obvious step is to extract the information needed for design approvals directly from these models and perform the entire review process digitally instead of manually. The challenge is to standardize the format and process for submitting design data to the class for approval in order to overcome compatibility issues.

A joint research project develops a concept

In 2016, DNV launched a joint industrial project involving design offices, CAD software developers, the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and other partners to develop a concept of using 3D models as documentation. design for verification.

The result is a model-based class approval and verification scheme for new construction projects, enabled by a cloud-hosted digital model sharing platform. Cloud-based collaboration benefits from the “one source of truth” principle, eliminating media disruption, duplicate data entry, data quality issues and unnecessary work.

“The main drivers of a model-based approval process and digital workflow between stakeholders during the design phase are reduced time to market, improved quality and traceability,” explains Ole Christian Astrup, Senior Senior Specialist at DNV Maritime who led the project. CAD models have been used in the engineering industry for some time to communicate designs to manufacturers, builders, maintenance companies, and regulators.

The key: the Open Class 3D Model Exchange (OCX) format

Developing an open standard interchange format to ensure interoperability between all different CAD software applications and allow the class to examine models generated by many different CAD tools was a key activity of the JIP. The result is the Open Class 3D Exchange or OCX standard.

To ensure neutrality and avoid the emergence of multiple incompatible exchange standards, an independent consortium was formed to industrialize, promote and maintain the OCX standard. A number of classification societies including DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, Korean Register, Türk Loydu, as well as major computer aided design (CAD) vendors have joined.

“For classification societies to succeed with 3D model-based approval and reap its benefits, it is essential that OCX become a recognized industry standard. If this is to happen, the maritime industry must cooperate and work together to implement and use the standard. Therefore, DNV took the initiative and established a joint OCX consortium with the participation of major classification societies and the maritime industry, ”said Geir Dugstad, Director of Ship Classification and Technical Director at DNV Maritime.

Successful pilot with DSME and NAPA

The new 3D approval platform and “design-centric workflow” were piloted by DNV, NAPA and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) as part of a Joint Development Project (JDP) in three parts for a very large crude oil transporter (VLCC) designed by DSME. The OCX 3D model has completely eliminated manual 2D modeling tasks, providing a seamless exchange of the 3D model between the CAD system and the DNV Nauticus Hull calculation tool.

The JDP has successfully demonstrated that the VLCC model designed by DSME using NAPA Designer can be reused by Nauticus Hull, providing instant computational evaluation of any part of the 3D model. This also benefits the site, which will save time by avoiding the tedious creation of the calculation models necessary to optimize the weight of the steel.

DNV and NAPA are developing a new 3D OCX integration between NAPA Designer and Nauticus Hull, which allows the designer to verify their design directly in NAPA. “As a provider of tool software for the early stages of vessel design, NAPA sees great potential in the current and future development of OCX. Instead of having individual interfaces between different software packages, the OCX concept opens up new possibilities to use the best tools, which will drive the digital transformation of the shipbuilding and ship design industries from a classic design. based on drawings to transparent information exchange using a 3D model. NAPA offers full support for the import and export of OCX data and looks forward to its expansion becoming the global standard, ”said Mikko Forss, EVP, Design Solutions.

The OCX file exchange standard allows for a smooth flow of communication between the job site or designer, classroom and owner.

In the future, the whole process could take place on the cloud-hosted exchange platform integrated with the DNV customer portal. The design office or the shipyard design department must first convert its CAD model to the OCX exchange format using a software interface, then upload it to the DNV portal where it is automatically verified. against DNV rules by the rule calculator. The output highlights design parameters that were not accepted as well as rules that were violated and is saved with the model. Designers can instantly access the annotated model and return it to their desk. “It’s still in the future,” says Astrup. “But it’s technically quite feasible and again the main enabler is the OCX interchange format.”

Browser-based visualization

When designers or construction sites replace 2D drawings with a 3D model as design documentation, stakeholders will need a new tool to view and inspect the 3D model. To this end, DNV has developed the CAD neutral “Sesam Insight” web browser for viewing 3D OCX models. For a complete visual check, process participants can use “Sesam Insight” to view, magnify, rotate, and annotate the OCX model. Engineers can compare different design revisions in multiple iterations to verify the direct consequences of the changes and gradually optimize the model. “One of the main aspects of this approach is that no files need to be sent back and forth,” says Astrup. “You don’t have to sit together in front of a client’s CAD system; the platform allows both parties to maintain a constant dialogue about the 3D model.

Once the CAD design is updated based on DNV’s feedback, the final model is again converted to OCX format and officially submitted for approval.

Multiple advantages for new construction projects

“Using 3D models for approval offers multiple benefits to both the designer and the class society,” says Astrup. “First of all, it saves the designers the manual effort of creating computational models, normally a large part of the hull structure design process. It also allows the class to take a look at a design ahead of time to provide feedback before the actual approval process, providing an opportunity for very early feedback and optimization. Of course, a design needs to have some maturity before it can be verified, but this step-by-step approach gives the customer a basis for making decisions earlier in the process and dramatically speeds up iterations and optimizations.

Duke Lee, Technical Director of Basic Hull Design at DSME, comments: “We are developing a 3D model-based design procedure using NAPA Designer to improve our design capability as well as the competitiveness of the engineering. As our 3D model can be used for class rule checking and can be submitted to the class for approval using the 3D OCX format, 3D OCX can be very useful both for DSME and for the class.

The virtual twin was born first

“The customer supplied OCX 3D model can be used to streamline and automate approval services for disciplines other than hull, which can be a significant time saver. Using the 3D model to streamline the entire plan approval process is a natural next step. The shared 3D model – essentially the birth of the virtual twin before the birth of the “real twin,” the real ship, also opens up many downstream opportunities to manage the in-service fleet, continues Astrup. To be able to reap these benefits, he stresses, it is essential that the class and owner obtain the rights to use the model from the construction site or designer as the owner of the intellectual property rights to the CAD design. “DNV can act as a mediator between the yard and the owner to help clarify the copyright issue,” he says.

Given the enormous benefits of the design verification and approval process and the commitment of several large class companies to its support, Astrup hopes that OCX will become the unified standard for the entire marine industry in the near future.
Source: Paving the way for class approval based on a 3D model – DNV

Search Party Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Book of Judas https://8mgdesign.com/search-party-season-5-episode-6-recap-book-of-judas/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 18:04:50 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/search-party-season-5-episode-6-recap-book-of-judas/

Research group

Book of Judas

Season 5

Episode 6

Editor’s Note

4 stars

Photo: Jon Pack / HBOMax

So my “Dr. Lombardo is not real” theory was wrong, but my “Portia gives Dory the woodcock’s special house” theory was dead. Win, lose, zombify a rat. Things weren’t going well for Lyte, and now that the only sane scientist (ish) threw up blue stuff and jumped out the window, things can only get worse.

Dory managed to allay her doubts long enough to be on one of those silver cable shows. She dismisses FDA concerns that Lyte hasn’t shared her research in a handful, as well as concerns from Duchess Catherine Oxenberg’s mother – sorry, mom – that her daughter is in a cult. But as soon as the camera is turned off, Dory blows pieces into a trash can. Tunnel suggests that she see a doctor. I have to say there is coarse vomit in the trash cans and toilet bowls in this episode. Hats off for realism, set dec team.

Meanwhile, in Maine, Drew found a quaint inn run by Lou Diamond Phillips. Drew questions Lou Diamond Phillips about the Jesper Society, and we get yet another kind of drift. If the Maine location hasn’t revealed it, we’re in Stephen King’s country, folks. Mr. Lou Diamond calls someone and says, “It’s happening again. “

Back in Lyte, things are progressing. Most of the time sidekicks seem to be spent trying to convince their followers that giving themselves a massive chemical burn is cold and not at all a disturbing sign. These head injuries look disgusting. Ritchie said they’ll be heading for crystal structures, but in the meantime they look damp and inflamed.

Ritche, the man personified by “I Fucking Love Science”, has decided to work towards the enlightenment pill. These real scientists aren’t shit, and it’s time for a guy who makes Diet Coke / Mentos volcanoes to step in. Ritchie agrees with Dory’s idea of ​​literally killing people and bringing them back. What could possibly go wrong? To do this, they need a phoenix beetle enzyme. These insects can die at will, and by combining this deadly chemical with molly, he hopes to create standard illumination on demand. The only thing is they’ll need Dr. Carpet’s help to get the enzyme from Dr. Benny’s chemical lab.

After attempting to get away with another elaborate lie (Dr. Carpet’s wife is cheating on him with her own parents, and he’s somewhat vulnerable about it), Elliott puts Dr. Carpet’s wig back on. The scene with Early and Aparna Nancherla in the lab is amazing. Elliott’s efforts to preserve a lie has always been one of the show’s greatest strengths and seeing him kiss a woman under a heavy prosthesis is amazing.

Back to Stephen King This, Drew meets the Jesper Company. Illeana Douglas, Michael Ian Black and Scott Adsit will join Lou Diamond Phillips. They’re all radiators and so funny Drew doesn’t care. We get some tantalizing little clues about these kids and their Pennywise-esque monster battles. Illeana Douglas and Lou Diamond Phillips had a crush on each other, Michael Ian Black was fat before he worked on Wall Street, and Scott Adsit had a lisp. Their narrative inertia keeps Drew in Maine until it gets dark, which annoys him endlessly. Ultimately, we find out that the woman who slashed Dory in the last episode was Dr. Lombardo’s wife from the first episode.

Drew goes to Dory’s old sanatorium and asks about Dr. Lombardo. After being blocked by the receptionist, Drew is taken by surprise by Dr. Flesh. Dr. Flesh was one of the docs who turned down Dory’s outing in the season premiere, and he believes Dory is psychotic. He gives Drew a picture of Dory’s visions of the future. It’s a bit rock. Dory’s career as a graphic designer may have gone nowhere, but her grim take on the apocalypse is a service. Dr. Flesh tells Dory that Lombardo killed himself because Dory basically told him to do it and he jerked off thinking about her. Dr Flesh, HIPAA Violator. Drew realizes that the negative space in the design is the outline of the Lyte logo, and he’s shaken up. Again, Dory’s drawing is very good. I should have tried independent comics instead of solving a disappearance, Dor.

Back at Lyte’s HQ, Ritchie made a half-breakthrough. After going through several dozen rats, he managed to elicit an illumination-style brain response from a named Gemini. Okay, someone is too interested in astrology over the Research group writing staff. That a Gemini is responsible for the end of the world is a slander against my entire sun sign. Either way, Gemini died (sad) but showed promising brain scans shortly after death (happy?). Plus, Ritche finally brings up what we all thought: Dory was poisoned.

After obtaining confirmation from Lyte’s on-site doctor, Dory rummages through the belongings of her apostles during a poison hunt. But my daughter, the apostles do not feed you. Portia does. Eventually, Dory realizes it and Portia loses it. She confesses to having slept with Dory, which tilts Elliott’s cover. But she didn’t say anything about the vial of yellow poison found in her (frankly gorgeous) sequined t-shirt dress. But she doesn’t really have time. Leonora’s mom begins to document her daughter. Drew walks in and presents the results of his investigation, accusing Dory of delusions and telling her that Lombardo is dead. Things are stressful! Oh, and Gemini got up and attacked Dr. Benny. Dr. Benny jumps out the window and lands on Tunnel Quinn’s car. We’re fucking going.

• The success of Drew’s side fact-finding mission amazes me. He directly asks Lou Diamond Phillips if he knows a woman because she stabbed her friend. How it works?!

• Dr Philip Lombardo seems to echo the real-life psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo, the guy who did the Stanford Prison experiments and has known ratios varying depending on who you ask.

• Okay, find out more about Portia’s sequined t-shirt dress. Does he have pockets? Pockets big enough for a large test tube of poison? It’s so rare in women’s clothing.

• “Stop making documentaries about me! “

• Between the Jesper Society and the ungodly child Aspen, Research group really gives vibes “There are eight million stories in the naked city”. I remembered the scene in Fear and loathing in Las Vegas when Normie goes to the bathroom and sees Flea licking LSD off Hunter’s flannel. “Hopefully his life was ruined forever. Still thinking that right behind a narrow door in all of his favorite bars, the men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible hits of things he’ll never know. It’s Drew’s life now.

• Okay, we need to talk a little more about Dory’s drawing. If the Lyte logo was part of the design, does that mean Dory do have a kind of vision of the future, but self-fulfilling? Are we having a suspicion of Greek tragedy? It’s also possible that Dory helped design the Lyte logo, in which case she’s just normal crazy, not symbolically crazy.

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