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Enrollment among new and continuing students at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff rose 3%, according to preliminary data released Tuesday by the school and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

Numbers for the University of Arkansas at Monticello are down slightly as it’s too early to determine enrollment numbers this fall at Southeast Arkansas College.

Preliminary UAPB enrollments for the fall 2021 semester are 2,748 and mark a second year-over-year increase, following a 6.8% increase from fall 2019 to fall 2020 , while there were 2,668 students. The fall 2021 tally includes 2,548 undergraduates, 188 graduate students and 12 high school students.

A 16.8% increase in the number of students pursuing higher education improved the overall number, the statement said. School officials added that enrollment among first-time college students rose 4.4% from fall 2020.

Braque Talley, vice-chancellor of enrollment management and student success, also credited UAPB’s “interdivisional strategy” to increase the number of returning students with what he called new academic programs. higher education in demand.

“We are committed to engaging students through multiple avenues, using a blend of traditional, digital and social media messages that resonate with their way of life, a dedication to culturally authentic messages that differentiate UAPB from other educational institutions. higher in the region and being intentional around aligning available resources to ease the financial burden on students, ”said Talley.

He added that the campus was “open and operational” during the pandemic, despite extensive damage to three buildings during the February snowstorms.

“However, our focus has remained on providing students with the support necessary to ensure their success during their enrollment and after graduation from UAPB,” said Talley.

UAPB Chancellor Laurence B. Alexander said the university was “grateful” to parents and students who continue to choose the school.

“Again this semester, the covid-19 pandemic has created challenges for students and the institution to overcome,” he said. “Our first goal for enrollment is to ensure a safe return to campus this fall. Students are regularly tested if they have any symptoms or think they’ve been exposed, and we run weekly immunization clinics and encourage students to get vaccinated. “

The university, Alexander added, also created personal protective equipment for every student taking classes.

“These efforts, along with those of our Enrollment Management and Student Success and Academic Affairs divisions, faculty, advisors, other staff and alumni, and partner agency The Design Group have all played a role in the continued success of our listings, ”Alexander mentioned.

“The recent growth in enrollment in our graduate programs has been nothing short of remarkable,” said UAPB President Robert Z. Carr Jr .. “Over the past few years we have intentionally improved our curriculum. ” graduate studies to include many in-demand program offerings, such as the Masters of Business Administration, the Masters of Vocational Rehabilitation Education with an emphasis on Addiction Studies, the Masters of Educational Leadership and the Masters of Computer Science, for to name a few. Our faculty and staff have worked extremely hard to design contemporary programs that appeal to today’s graduate student body. “


Total enrollment at the University of Arkansas at Monticello is down 1.7% from fall 2020.

Of the 2,673 undergraduates and graduates, 2,072 are enrolled full-time. The total number is down from 2,719 last fall.

A total of 1,958 undergraduates and 409 graduate students have enrolled at UAM this semester. The number of high school students increased from five to 306.

Jeff Weaver, UAM vice chancellor for advancement and chief of staff, said a decline in the population of high school graduates in Southeast Arkansas, along with concerns about covid- 19, are factors in the decrease in enrollment, but this has also been a cause for school officials to be creative in the new course offerings.

“Things look bright at UAM,” Weaver said, adding that the school has seen growth in graduate programs. “Our Master of Arts in Education program is very popular right now. We have worked very hard for retention. Every faculty member, staff member, and administrator focused on student retention, and our retention increased.

UAM also offers new courses in graphic design and cybersecurity, as well as a master’s program in nursing, Weaver said.

“As it becomes more and more difficult to increase enrollment, we have done everything possible to be creative and attract students here,” said Weaver. “We have added a Chick-fil-A and a Starbucks to our campus in recent years, and our farm building will be renovated soon.”


Southeast Arkansas College reported 840 undergraduate students, of which 484 are enrolled full-time.

That number is down from the 915 who enrolled in the fall 2020 semester at the two-year Pine Bluff Institution.

President Steven Bloomberg has warned that SEARK is still signing up for its second eight-week term.

“Unfortunately, it is still very difficult to increase the number of registrations,” Bloomberg said. “It’s close to what we got last spring.”

Bloomberg reported in May that SEARK finished the spring term with 1,009 students. No less than 1,028 registered for the traditional 16-week term.

SEARK College has created a strong surge for enrollments in recent months over the summer, hosting an on-campus festival that Bloomberg said was designed at the time to reintroduce community members to the school. . Interested registrants could exchange a postcard for a nine-hour credit grant.

Like many institutions, however, SEARK has faced challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

“We didn’t know how we were going to start, so we put off some of our classes until the second eight weeks,” Bloomberg said. “We won’t really know where we are until the first part of December.”

Bloomberg did not address the sharp drop in the number of high school students enrolled this semester compared to last fall, from 187 to 21.

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education preliminary numbers are snapshots taken from the 11th day of class in that semester. ADHE will not present the official figures until January.

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Flimp Announces Next Generation UI / UX Design for PLANselect® Benefits Decision Support Tool https://8mgdesign.com/flimp-announces-next-generation-ui-ux-design-for-planselect-benefits-decision-support-tool/ https://8mgdesign.com/flimp-announces-next-generation-ui-ux-design-for-planselect-benefits-decision-support-tool/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:48:04 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/flimp-announces-next-generation-ui-ux-design-for-planselect-benefits-decision-support-tool/

BOSTON, MA, September 22, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – Flimp communication, a leading provider of employee benefits communication and engagement solutions, today announced several notable enhancements to its PLANselect® medical plan decision support tool. Accessible to more than three million employees across North America, the new enhancements are expected to increase PLANselect’s employee engagement rates, which currently average 60% based on completion. The product uses sophisticated algorithms to accurately analyze and forecast the costs of health plans available to employees, spouses and new hires based on anticipated coverage needs. Available in English and Spanish, PLANselect helps employees choose the best medical plan for their needs through self-guided training and can replace in-person benefit lounges and one-on-one meetings. The recently updated tool is available to new and existing customers for the 2021 benefits open registration season.

“In addition to accurately predicting medical costs for employees and their families, decision support tools must offer three things for employees to commit to higher rates: complete confidentiality data, the ability to complete in 10 minutes or less, and a flexible, mobile-friendly interface that can switch to multiple languages, ”said Wayne Wall, CEO and Founder of Flimp Communications. “We are constantly looking for ways to use technology to improve the employee training experience, while delivering a better return on investment, lower costs and measurable results for HR teams, benefits consultants, employees. suppliers and recruiters. “

New enhancements to PLANselect include:
– Employer notes: this feature can be activated on each page of the tool and offers the possibility of obtaining employer-specific explanations around the most frequently asked questions such as: are domestic partners covered ? These customizable notes can also provide links to educational videos, brochures, PDFs, etc., all within the context of the question being asked.
–FSA Calculator: The new FSAdvantage complements the existing HSAdvantage to help employees optimize these savings accounts.
–Delivery of results: Employees can be confused by the results provided in traditional benefit decision support tools. Flimp has created a more intuitive experience that clearly displays the results of plan recommendations by lowest cost and highest value, making it easier to compare plans and calculate costs.
–Engagement monitoring: a new dashboard enables viewer engagement to be tracked in real time. Overall results, such as time spent in each section of the tool, top recommended plans, frequency of tool use, and content clicks can be monitored by employers. Typically, over 60% of employees engage with the tool, the highest engagement rates in the industry.
–Universal homepage: new homepage for organizations with multiple PLANselect sites for different groups of employees. Having a cohesive bond makes it easier to promote to their workforce.
– Social benefits registration: PLANselect now offers the possibility of adding a direct link to an employer’s social benefits registration site from the results page. Thus, once the options have been examined and a decision made, the action to register is transparent.

Other features of PLANselect:
–Self-guided training: automates the training process to save time for HR and benefit providers. This translates to fewer meetings for HR teams and more learning for employees.
–Accessible: Fully online and accessible from any device, anywhere, so other decision makers in the family can also be involved.
–Private and Secure: No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected, so there is no HIPAA liability or fear of data being compromised.
– Impartial results: No benefit plan is favored over another, guaranteed by the proprietary algorithm, so there is no problem with plan bias.

Configuration and deployment:
For employers and consultants, Flimp Communications handles all configuration and testing for PLANselect. It usually takes two to five days after the information about the health plan, premium contributions and employer contributions is received. For setting up a custom website, all you need is the company logo, brand colors, homepage text, and any additional notes, educational videos, or other materials you need. the employer wants to add. All PLANselect information, videos, texts and results are available in Spanish with a simple change of language on each page.

Heatmap plan diagnosis before launch:
After the PLANselect site (s) are complete, we perform a heat map diagnostic of the proposed medical plans, running simulated employees and dependents through the model to show likely results. The heat map is intended to help an employer anticipate plan value score rankings that may be generated by PLANselect, allowing an employer to view which plans will be recommended most frequently and under what circumstances. We test a statistically valid number of user response scenarios that rank employees of very low to very high potential users of covered medical services for each level of coverage and present the highest ranked plan for each percentile of expected use.

Pricing: The all-inclusive pricing for PLANselect is $ 8 per employee per year (PEPY) for 250-1,000 employees, plus $ 4 per employee over 1,000 employees. There is no charge for new hires added during the plan year. For companies with less than 250 employees, please contact us for special pricing.

For more information or to register for a guided demonstration of our business intelligence solutions, visit: https://www.flimp.net/benefits-decision-support-tools/

About Flimp Communications
Flimp Communications is a leader in HR, benefits and employee communication and provides virtual communication solutions including software, decision support tools, SMS and interactive digital content for employers, HR consultants, insurance companies and healthcare providers. With offices in Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Vero Beach, FL and Burlington, VT, Flimp works with more than 800 corporate clients, including many Fortune 500 companies. The award-winning employee communication platform empowers users create, distribute and track interactive videos and branded multimedia content without any programming or IT resources for corporate, internal and employee communications. For more information, please visit www.flimp.net.

Press release service and press release distribution provided by http://www.24-7pressrelease.com

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Liverpool EdTech Parentapps grabbed hold https://8mgdesign.com/liverpool-edtech-parentapps-grabbed-hold/ https://8mgdesign.com/liverpool-edtech-parentapps-grabbed-hold/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:19:25 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/liverpool-edtech-parentapps-grabbed-hold/

EdTech Offers

Community Brands UK, a provider of cloud-based payment software and solutions for schools, has acquired Liverpool EdTech Parentapps.

Community Brands, headquartered in Leicester, said Parentapps, which serves nurseries, community groups, clubs and nonprofits, complements its existing suite of tools that help schools connect effectively and effectively with parents.

Parentapps’ solution includes digital communication, parenting night bookings, website development and payment processing.

“The addition of Parentapps strengthens our leadership position in the industry and further illustrates our commitment to schools, their parents and their students,” said Richard Grazier, President and CEO of Community Brands UK.

“This strategic partnership aligns with our mission to modernize the way schools use technology and, in turn, frees up valuable time and resources so that school staff and teachers can do what they do best.” : create a better future for our community.

The combination of Parentapps with community brands Teachers2Parents and Groupcall Messenger communication platforms, as well as the SchoolMoney payment tool, will serve more than 20,000 schools, partners, multi-academy trusts and local authorities.

Parentapps Founder and CEO Kevin Clayton added: “The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the digital transformation of many schools, especially in light of the need to stay connected and provide distance learning materials and instructions.

“Parentapps and Community Brands have played an important role in this ongoing process and are perfect partners in providing the most comprehensive turnkey solutions to help schools increase their efficiency and engagement. “

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Making Her Mark: Connecticut Native Moves to West Virginia and Launches Entertainment Newspaper | State and region https://8mgdesign.com/making-her-mark-connecticut-native-moves-to-west-virginia-and-launches-entertainment-newspaper-state-and-region/ https://8mgdesign.com/making-her-mark-connecticut-native-moves-to-west-virginia-and-launches-entertainment-newspaper-state-and-region/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 01:00:30 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/making-her-mark-connecticut-native-moves-to-west-virginia-and-launches-entertainment-newspaper-state-and-region/

When Christina Entenmann-Edwards moved to southern West Virginia in 2008, she didn’t know what to expect.

Back then, she was going through a few changes in her life and felt trapped and like she had nothing to offer in the state she now calls home.

“It was really tough living here at first,” said Edwards, 39, from Connecticut. “I felt like I didn’t have a real skill to offer. I was not a nurse, doctor or engineer.

However, what Edwards had was a love for the arts, especially photography.

Through this love, Edwards got to know her new home in Greenbrier County, an exploration that eventually led her to create an entertainment newspaper known as Hashtag West Virginia, a free monthly newspaper distributed in 13 counties. from southern West Virginia.

“Living here, after a few years, I realized there was no entertainment diary here,” she said. “I saw a lot of flyers all over the doors for open mics and other events and thought a free city entertainment newspaper would be really nice.”

Initially, Edwards called her creation Hashtag Lewisburg which came to life thanks to a Facebook page in 2012 where she would post information from the flyers she saw in downtown Lewisburg.

Edwards said she ran this page for about a year before deciding to turn her online creation into a print edition.

“I did a lot of promotional stuff for almost a year before I started the newspaper,” she said. “I would go to restaurants and bars, take pictures and upload them, get a lot of good grace and build pretty strong relationships doing that. And people, even though they hadn’t known me all my life, they knew I had good intentions.

For her first published edition, Edwards said she prepaid all of this herself and then went to businesses to ask for help through advertisements for future editions.

Edwards thanks his parents for giving him the inspiration to start his own journal.

His parents, both from Hungary, arrived in the United States in the 1970s with nothing, Edwards said.

“They fled a communist country where you are not allowed to have anything and we talked about it a lot at the dinner table growing up,” she said. “Just the hardships they went through, and I really respected that they got to come here and learn a new language and start a new business.”

Growing up, Edwards said his father owned a repair shop in Norwalk, Connecticut.

“I just saw them do it, so I guess growing up I thought you could do anything,” she said.

For most of his life, Edwards lived by this motto “I can do anything”.

As a child, she had to learn English, her second language into Hungarian. Then, after some family health issues, Edwards dropped out of high school and sold his car artwork to help his family financially.

After a few odd jobs that included delivering papers in the morning, Edwards decided that if she wanted anything out of life, she should go to college.

So she got her GED at age 17 and after a brief stint at community college, Edwards continued her education at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in history.

While living in West Virginia, Edwards earned a master’s degree in commerce from Liberty Univeristy by taking online courses.

Although she never took a journalism course, Edwards said she learned how to write and research from universities, which was extremely helpful in getting Hashtag West Virginia off the ground.

“There was also a lot of trial and error,” she said. “If I interviewed someone and missed something, people were so nice and allowed me to follow up with them and ask a few more questions.”

When it came to designing the document, Edwards said she researched remedies online to teach him everything she needed to know.

“It was largely self-discipline,” she said. “It really interested me and I took the time to do it right. “

Edwards said she couldn’t believe she would be celebrating her 10th birthday with Hashtag West Virginia in February.

“I never thought I would do it for this long,” she said. “I can’t keep doing this forever, but the happiness and joy it brings to people makes all the time I’ve invested worth it.”

Edwards has also pursued other passions since launching Hashtag West Virginia, including an apprenticeship program she started around 2016 that connected hundreds of young people from across West Virginia with companies that offer career paths they might wish to pursue.

She said the start of this program was a turning point, as if she was reaching her cruising speed on what she was supposed to do for a living.

Until COVID suspended the program, Edwards said the mentorship program was thriving and had even spread to Virginia.

“I think it’s so important to be a leader towards kids and just expose them to the workforce and what’s available to them,” she said. “I think the hardest thing as a kid is not knowing what’s going on and being overwhelmed. Lots of kids, they default to nursing school for jobs like this, but there are so many different areas that they might not be familiar with.

Edwards said she also offers internships at her newspaper where she can help teach students about journalism as well as graphic design, web design and all newspaper stuff.

While she enjoys mentoring the younger generation, Edwards said she enjoys being the mentee as much as the mentor. This year, she is part of the 2021 West Virginia Leadership Class. She said the goal of the class is to bring together leaders from across the state.

Edwards said the program, now in its 30th year, was a way for her to get to know West Virginia better.

“With the newspaper and now with (Leadership West Virginia) I’m always learning new things about the state,” she said.

Edwards said in his mind that this is the key to success – having an open mind, being ready to learn new things or skills, and not being afraid to seek out a wide range of resources.

“I really think it’s a state of mind,” she said. “If you really believe that you can be something or be someone, go for it. I think a lot of it is about self-confidence so if you are passionate about something you should pursue that passion.

For the latest issue of Hashtag West Virginia, visit hashtagwv.com. Printed copies can also be found at some visitor centers, gas stations, and businesses in southern West Virginia.

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Chihuahuas will wear Loteria jerseys https://8mgdesign.com/chihuahuas-will-wear-loteria-jerseys/ https://8mgdesign.com/chihuahuas-will-wear-loteria-jerseys/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 22:00:37 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/chihuahuas-will-wear-loteria-jerseys/

We haven’t seen a lot of cool jersey releases this year, but here’s one from the El Paso Chihuahuas (Triple-A West): jerseys with Chihuahua-inspired lottery cards, to be worn during Bark in the Park’s last game.

Lotería is a Mexican card game, similar to bingo, but uses images instead of numbered cards. The specialty jerseys will be worn during the Chihuahuas game on Friday, September 24.

The jersey, designed by Chihuahuas graphic designer Ilene Serna, features 54 emblematic Lotería cards from the Chihuahuas brand, the game of baseball and El Paso. Cards featured include La Pelota (the ball), El Dizzy Bat (a popular in-game contest), and El Rally Towel. The sleeves are blue with a white checkered pattern visible on the back of traditional Lotería cards.

The jerseys are now up for auction and will end in the GECU Bark at the Park match final on Friday, September 24. This auction is tax exempt.

To participate in the jersey auction, send “BID” to 844-311-5007. The official rules are listed below.

The Chihuahuas will sell 250 Limited Edition Chihuahuas Lotería sets, including a deck of dealer cards and 20 player cards, for $ 25 (tax included) in-game only in the social plaza behind section 112. Profits will also be donated to the Chihuahuas Foundation.

About Kevin Reichard

Kevin Reichard is the founder and publisher of Ballpark Digest.

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Proactive headlines including Entain, Loncor, NexTech AR, Western Magnesium, and ME2C Environmental https://8mgdesign.com/proactive-headlines-including-entain-loncor-nextech-ar-western-magnesium-and-me2c-environmental/ https://8mgdesign.com/proactive-headlines-including-entain-loncor-nextech-ar-western-magnesium-and-me2c-environmental/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 17:57:25 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/proactive-headlines-including-entain-loncor-nextech-ar-western-magnesium-and-me2c-environmental/

New York, September 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Proactive, a provider of real-time news and video interviews on growth companies listed in the United States and Canada, has covered the following companies:

  • Entain confirms DraftKings’ takeover offer, estimated at $ 20 billion click here
  • Loncor Promotes VP Business Development John Barker to PDGBioSig Technologies Appoints James Barry, Medical Device Industry Director, as Independent Director of the Board click here
  • DGTL Holdings signs a new $ 400,000 contract with a Nasdaq-listed online sports games client click here
  • FSD Pharma closes its full acquisition of the shares of Lucid Psycheceuticals in Canada click here
  • NexTech AR Solutions on the verge of growth as it evolves towards a self-service SaaS model click here
  • Revive Therapeutics added to ETF AdvisorShares Psychedelics click here
  • HealthLynked Says Its Affiliate To Receive $ 2.4 Million In Medicare Shared Savings From Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services click here
  • Thesis Gold launches LiDAR and IP surveys at its Ranch project in British Columbia click here
  • ME2C Environmental announces a new license agreement for its patented technology with the Midwest utility click here
  • Co-Diagnostics declares that its Logix Smart ABC test is authorized for use in Mexico click here
  • Cypress Development is entering the final stages of preparation before commissioning the pilot plant click here
  • Fobi adds Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Vital system to its event venue management system click here
  • Western Magnesium concludes letter of intent with preferred US national supplier of dolomite click here
  • Nextleaf Solutions ships new order to LDB after sale of Glacial Gold products and receives approval to sell in Saskatchewan click here
  • Plurilock receives order for US $ 418,000 from US defense contractor click here
  • Belmont hires James Ebisch, a consulting geologist already familiar with his Lone Star copper-gold project click here
  • Ketamine One signs letter of intent with Veteran Services USA to open therapy center click here
  • Binovi Technologies appoints Marc Lakmaaker as new CEO and Interim Director click here
  • Tribe Property Technologies to Acquire Property Management Portfolio in Southeastern British Columbia click here
  • Psyched Wellness launches clinical sleep study in humans for a structure / function claim for its AME-1 extract click here
  • Magna Mining reports a new nickel-copper-PMG discovery at its Shakespeare project in Ontario click here
  • Versus Systems to boost mobile fan engagement at Military Bowl 2021 click here
  • AIM ImmunoTech Advances Offer to Study Ampligen as Therapy for Post-COVID-19 Cognitive Dysfunction Click Here
  • Willow Biosciences increases its production title; provides company update click here
  • Star Royalties welcomes the upgrade of the resources of the Copperstone gold mine where it has a streaming agreement click here
  • Else Nutrition presents two new flavors of its Complete Nutrition Shakes for Children click here
  • Planet 13 doubles the floor area of ​​the dispensary and cash registers at the Las Vegas SuperStore click here

About Proactif

With six offices on three continents and a team of experienced business journalists and broadcasters, Proactive works with innovative growth companies listed on the world’s major stock exchanges, helping executives engage intelligently with investors.

Proactive’s platform delivers the right message to the right audience, digitally and in real time, leveraging a range of media, investment research, digital investor targeting and website development services to support over 1,000 fast growing companies around the world.

Proactive’s network reaches over 12 million private, professional and institutional investors committed to the search for opportunities.

• Our written and video content is posted on proactive sites that collectively attract up to 10 million views per month.

• We syndicate our content to hundreds of mainstream and specialty news sites which extend our reach to networks that may be difficult for press releases to penetrate.

• We create bespoke corporate websites from the ground up, giving clients and their brands a modern online presence and the latest information on an effective SEO strategy.

• Our media coverage takes pride of place on the world’s most popular search platforms, and we can further expand our online presence and reach through sophisticated digital investor targeting.

• We help the world understand what sets companies apart from the competition through in-depth investment research by a team of experienced analysts.

For more information on how Proactive can help you make a difference, email us at action@proactiveinvestors.com

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Portal Go Release Date, Price, Features, and Design News https://8mgdesign.com/portal-go-release-date-price-features-and-design-news/ https://8mgdesign.com/portal-go-release-date-price-features-and-design-news/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 17:00:00 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/portal-go-release-date-price-features-and-design-news/

Facebook revealed two new additions to the Portal family; the updated Portal Plus with a huge 14-inch screen and the portable Portal Go. Measuring 10 inches and featuring a built-in battery and dedicated carrying handle to facilitate room-to-room video chats, it’s a handy addition to the otherwise static Facebook portal collection.

Here’s everything there is to know about Portal Go, including pre-order and release details, pricing, features, and specs.

When will Portal Go be released?

Facebook launched Portal Go pre-orders today, September 21, 2021, with shipping set to start a few weeks later October 19, 2021.

How much does Portal Go cost?

As confirmed by Facebook, the Portal Go costs £ 199 / $ 199 which puts it in the middle of Facebook’s Portal range which starts with the Portal Mini at £ 129 / $ 129 and goes all the way to the new Portal Plus. (advertised alongside the Go) for a sizable price tag of £ 349 / $ 349.

Here’s a look at the current Portal family:

  • Mini gate – £ 129 / $ 129
  • TV Portal – £ 149 / $ 149
  • Portal – £ 169 / $ 169
  • Go Portal – £ 199 / $ 199
  • Portal Plus – £ 349 / $ 349

If you would like to pre-order the Go portal before its launch in October, you can visit the site Portal website in UK and US right now.

While resellers have yet to be confirmed, it is likely to appear eventually at retailers like Currys PC World in the UK and Best buy in the US at launch – they stock the rest of the collection, after all.

Portal Go design and functionality

We’ve all been in the situation where you’ve answered a call on a portal (or Echo device) while brewing a cup of tea in the kitchen, only to then stay in the room for the next 45 minutes. Wouldn’t it be easier to just pick up the smart hub and take it with you?

This is what Facebook offers with Portal Go; as you may have already guessed by the brand, the Portal Go is designed to be moved around the house.

Measuring the same 10 inches as the standard Portal and sporting a pretty fabric-wrapped design, the Portal Go is essentially a display that sits on top of a sleek charging dock.

When in docked mode, it does everything you’d expect from a Portal device, including taking video calls from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp through the 12MP ultra-wide camera, watching content like Netflix, and interacting with it. Amazon Alexa, but with the added bonus that it can be lifted off the dock and carried around the house.

You can either dock the Portal Go in another area or attach it to another dock in another room – although you only get one in the box. There’s even a built-in handle for easy transport from room to room during dates with loved ones.

There is a combination of two front-facing speakers and a rear-facing woofer, which is great not only for video calls, but also for listening to music through Spotify or Deezer.

In fact, Facebook claims that the Portal Go can last 14 hours while listening to music and five hours while making video calls. The company claims it is designed for heavy use, suggesting that the Portal Go can last a maximum of 1.5 days away from the dock with average use. This should be more than enough for the vast majority of users, but we’ll have to put this to the test once we have one in the Tech Advisor Towers for review.

In addition to the new hardware, the Portal Go will ship with the redesigned Portal home screen recently released on older Portal devices, sporting a new contact bar to quickly reconnect with your favorite contacts, a new smart card interface featuring relevant information like missed calls, paused videos and upcoming calendar events.

There is also a new household mode, separate from the multi-user support currently offered by Portal devices. The new mode makes it easier to share and manage access to portal features in shared areas such as the kitchen. Users can set up specific access to apps, contacts, and data, which should negate the possibility of a family member accidentally calling a coworker on your Portal Go. It’s a community device, not a personal device, after all.

There are also privacy-focused features, including a button to physically disconnect the mic and camera when not in use, as well as a physical camera shutter – two features that cannot be overridden through software, and Facebook would also like to point out that all AR effects used through your Portal Go are fed locally on the device – no data is sent to Facebook’s servers.

Go portal specifications

  • 256.7mm x 173.9mm x 78.9mm
  • 1.4 kg
  • 10.1 inch screen
  • 1280×800
  • Portable form factor
  • 12Mp ultra-wide camera
  • Network of 4 microphones
  • 2x speakers, 1x woofer
  • Battery life: 5 hours of video calls, 14 hours of music playback (max 1.5 days of use)
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Comprehensive review of the services of 35 professional web design agencies in Hong Kong https://8mgdesign.com/comprehensive-review-of-the-services-of-35-professional-web-design-agencies-in-hong-kong/ https://8mgdesign.com/comprehensive-review-of-the-services-of-35-professional-web-design-agencies-in-hong-kong/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:37:52 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/comprehensive-review-of-the-services-of-35-professional-web-design-agencies-in-hong-kong/

It has been 1 year since COVID-19. Websites and e-commerce have been an essential part of the business world.

We reviewed 20 web design agencies last year and it was well received. Therefore, the second round comes this year. Journalists will start collecting website design agencies from March, test their services and finally evaluate.

Journalists will assess them according to the criteria listed below:

  1. Design: Websites without a specified company name will be rated by 300 people working in the HKSTP. The average mark will be obtained thereafter.
  2. Website Speed: This will be tested by Google PageSpeed.
  3. Website Security: This will be tested by Acunetix.
  4. Website delivery: The entire production period will be evaluated.
  5. Customer service: 10 questions will be asked during the production period and 10 more thereafter. Ditto for each company to test its customer service.
  6. Website stability: It will be a 5 minute test by UPTIME.
  7. After sales service: Responses and services will be evaluated by making requests that are not included in the contract.

The 35 companies below are ranked based on their final scores:

Quality providers recommended by journalists:

BINGO (HK) 65/70

High quality:

YSD 58/70

Creatix 55/70

Trade Wave 53/70

Lolli Media Limited. 51/70

Jump Web Services 51/70


Anglia Design Ltd 48/70

INDZZ 48/70

Limited gray levels 48/70


Visible One Hong Kong 45/70

FEES Creative Ltd. 45/70

45/70 digital square


Bravo Webdesign 42/70

Only level of qualified service:

Bethel Web Design Company Limited 40/70

EMO 40/70 creation

BCNetcom 40/70

Website Design City 38/70

East Technologies Limited 36/70


Unqualified level of service:

Mul Brand Limited 30/70

JKDesignHK 29/70


Kevin Web Design 25/70

WEB KING 22/70

BIZ BUFF 22/70

Develop well 22/70

Mass Media -HK WordPress 22/70

Wow Website Design Limited 22/70

iMaker Limited 19/70

EcShopCity Limited 16/70 (The site has not been completed for six months)

Fan Work Shop 16/70 (The site has not been completed for six months)

Dream Designer 14/70 (The site has not been completed for six months)

Most unqualified providers take 7 or more days to answer a simple question, and some websites only have a 70% rate online, which means 30% of websites are offline.

Finally, it should be considered that the three lowest ranked websites still need 6 months to build websites with templates.

https://8mgdesign.com/comprehensive-review-of-the-services-of-35-professional-web-design-agencies-in-hong-kong/feed/ 0
Why embed data analytics and visualizations in apps https://8mgdesign.com/why-embed-data-analytics-and-visualizations-in-apps/ https://8mgdesign.com/why-embed-data-analytics-and-visualizations-in-apps/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:12:02 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/why-embed-data-analytics-and-visualizations-in-apps/

Credit: ThinkStock

Today, many organizations are developing data-intensive applications that include interactive dashboards, infographics, custom data visualizations, and charts that respond to a user’s data access rights.

In cases where an application needs to display a bar graph or other simple data visualization, it is quite easy to use a charting framework to set up the visual and display the graph. But the built-in analytics capabilities of a data visualization platform can deliver richer experiences and tools to the end user to support easier and faster improvements.

Integrating analytics can be a powerful approach to improving applications when experimentation around visualizations is important. For example, the product owner of an app might start with a simple visual and then realize that different user profiles require specialized dashboards. A data visualization platform makes it much easier to develop, test, and iterate on these dashboards rather than coding the visuals.

Another key benefit of using data visualization platforms is that data scientists and subject matter experts can participate in the application development process.

Instead of having them write requirements for a software developer to translate them into code, visualizations are iteratively enhanced by a group of people who know best the business needs, the data, and the best. data visualization practices.

Why you should use data visualization tools

Let’s take a look at a few use cases for integrating data visualizations when rapid development and experimentation is required.

  • Analyzes can be integrated into an enterprise system that includes data from several other data sources. An example is a dashboard for sales managers displayed in the customer relationship management (CRM) application that includes financial data from the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and prospecting data from business platforms. marketing automation.
  • In mobile and web applications for customers, a simple graph or chart can stimulate user interaction. Think of a stock trading app that lists stocks on an investor’s watch list and highlights those that are approaching their low prices when it’s potentially a good time to buy.
  • Media and other organizations that publish content may want to pursue data journalism, in which a reporter writes an article about a set of data and one or more data visualizations, and data and analytics is the foundation of the story. .
  • Marketing infographics including graphic designs or data visualizations are integrated into websites and other marketing tools.
  • For businesses trying to be data-driven, now might be the time to select a data visualization platform to develop analytics and integrate it into business or customer-facing applications.
  • Organizations that already use data visualization tools may need to extend a visualization with integrations and custom functionality to manipulate or process data through a workflow.
  • Entire applications for customers can be data visualizations for data products and services. The approach is common for data, financial services, insurance, and e-commerce companies where data is the product and where analytics can be a differentiator. In these cases, using a data visualization platform to develop the product and taking advantage of the platform’s flexibilities to integrate it into another system allows teams to innovate and support rapid improvements.