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By Express press service

CHENNAI: All Shakespeare lovers, it’s time to get rid of that vocabulary heavyweight, the dictionary. The language is no more. The end was not sudden, but rather a slow death, much like those films of patience that progress at a snail’s pace. What a shame indeed after all these poetry lessons and grammar impositions at school! The text message may have started it all. With every word billed, unhappy phone users had to cut and chop words until they no longer looked like they did. Tomorrow was tmrw and that was it! For grammarians, it was pure hell to watch this slaughter, until, thankfully, emoji came to the rescue. The yellow faces thankfully replaced horrible spellings and even added color and emotion to boring texts.

Emojis are definitely not a new age concept, triggered by the tech boom. They have existed for centuries as various forms of human expression. The ancient Egyptians recorded their stories and history using hieroglyphics, which is a writing system using pictures instead of words. Graphic illustrations using keyboard characters called emoticons even appeared in the 1800s when typewriters were all the rage. However, it was in the late 1990s that emojis made their first appearance in Japan.

Like Neanderthals in human evolution, these emojis were very primitive, like the 🙂 for a smile and the 🙁 for a frown. It was in 1999 that NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese mobile phone company, came up with 176 emojis for mobile phones.By the way, the word “emoji” is also Japanese and comes from the Japanese words “e” (image) and “moji” (character).

These humble pixelated designs by Shigetaka Kurita, the Japanese interface designer, became an instant hit and drastically changed the way people communicated through mobile phones. However, it remained largely confined to Japanese users until 2010. Although Google introduced emojis to its Gmail version in 2008, it wasn’t until 2011 that the emoji explosion happened, when Apple has added it to its iOS mail app.

Emojis may have influenced our lives immensely, but they can’t be called art in any way, you might think. Interestingly, a few years ago, one of the most prestigious art museums in the world, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, added the world’s first 176 emojis to its permanent collection. Today, the angry face and the smiley rub shoulders with Picasso and Van Gogh on the walls of these museums! Design innovations are changing our world in many ways.

The first 176 emojis were the first pictograms to make their way into mobile communication. The smiling yellow face that appears on our phones and soothes our nerves was once a rudimentary black-and-white line drawing. Though they’ve since taken on a whole new life, this museum exhibit of where it all began makes us see these symbols that are such an integral part of our current lexicon, in a whole new light. In a world where multitasking reigns and where the time we have to communicate is drastically reduced, let’s take refuge in the warmth of these endearing expressions of human emotions.

]]> FilWeb Asia leaders participate in the world’s largest FinTech festival in November 2022 https://8mgdesign.com/filweb-asia-leaders-participate-in-the-worlds-largest-fintech-festival-in-november-2022/ Wed, 23 Nov 2022 00:32:00 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/filweb-asia-leaders-participate-in-the-worlds-largest-fintech-festival-in-november-2022/

FilWeb Asia leaders participated in the Singapore FinTech Festival

To keep abreast of the latest trends from business leaders, FilWeb Asia’s CEO, Chairman and Joint Venture Leaders attended the Singapore FinTech Festival.

SAN PEDRO, LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES, Nov. 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — FilWeb Asia Incorporated, one of the spearheads in the digital marketing, IT and outsourcing industry, is serious about improving its business models. This is to ensure that they are able to help their clients achieve their organization’s goals with top-notch services.

To do this, the company constantly strives to come up with innovative business ideas to stimulate the economy. Celina Mercado, President of FilWeb Asia, said: “It is essential for us to know the latest trends in different sectors. This way we can revamp our service offerings and be able to meet the needs of our customers around the world. »

With this in mind, the CEO, Chairman and Joint Venture Directors of FilWeb Asia attended one of the biggest conferences for business owners – the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) – from November 2-4, 2022. This event is a great opportunity to connect to a wider network and learn from thought leaders in different fields such as technology and finance.

The convention held helpful plenary sessions that discussed insights into the global economy, technology and its effects on startups, different business models, financial management, and cryptocurrencies. Besides, this three-day event was also a good way to build partnerships with different businessmen in different parts of the world.

Mercado added, “With the necessary knowledge regarding the current market, we can better run our business. Therefore, being one of the delegates at this event helps me to review our company’s vision and mission and come up with concrete plans on how to deliver them effectively. Additionally, we are able to share our goals and services with potential clients who attend the conference. »

Truly, the event didn’t just equip the company’s executives; it also opened doors to expand the business. FilWeb Asia is now adapting to new business standards while maintaining high value by providing excellent services. That being said, you can rely on the company’s IT solutions, digital marketing, web design, and outsourcing services to be effective and efficient.

About FilWeb Asia Incorporated
FilWeb Asia Incorporated is home to expert professionals capable of offering a wide variety of virtual services, digital marketing, web design and IT outsourcing solutions. Located in nearby Metro Manila, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, the company makes sure to provide quality services for your business needs.

Celina Mercado
FilWeb Asia, Inc.
+1 805-823-4145
write to us here

‘Who is who?’ With Redshirt Freshman Jacqueline Cornell https://8mgdesign.com/who-is-who-with-redshirt-freshman-jacqueline-cornell/ Tue, 22 Nov 2022 15:02:34 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/who-is-who-with-redshirt-freshman-jacqueline-cornell/

When did you start playing lacrosse and why?

“I started playing lacrosse in 7th grade. I had a few friends on my college club team, and it seemed really interesting. Having played football all my life, I thought it would would like and I decided to register.”

What made you choose YSU?

“I chose to come to YSU for many reasons. Having a new and growing team was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Being able to grow and be part of the core work of a team has always caught my attention. .and I was thrilled to be a part of it here in Youngstown.I was also very interested in the graphic design program.YSU’s approach to their graphic design program was another opportunity I couldn’t pass up. .

Did you know anyone on the team before coming to YSU?

“I didn’t know anyone on the team before coming, but I met a lot of girls from my class as well as the year before at a summer tournament in Lake Placid.”

What is your major and what do you hope to do when you graduate?

“My major is graphic design, and I plan to work alongside a company or brand as a graphic designer and help with product design or help with marketing.”

What excites you the most when you start university?

“I’m very happy to be able to play during the fall ball!”

What was the lacrosse highlight of your high school/club career?

“My highlight of high school lacrosse was being able to commit to YSU earlier in my recruiting process and being able to come to YSU a semester earlier to start my college lacrosse career.”

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of lacrosse?

“My biggest hobby outside of lacrosse is definitely drawing.”

What is an interesting fact about you that you would like to share?

“I wear size 13 women’s shoes.”

Who or what has been the biggest influence or inspiration during your sporting career?

“My parents were my biggest influence and inspiration. Growing up, I could see my parents taking risks and going beyond their limits to create and achieve their dreams. Having such ambitious and driven parents pushed me to become the person I am today, especially with lacrosse.”

Did you have a favorite athlete or team that inspired you growing up? – If yes, which athlete or team and why?

“Serena Williams was my favorite athlete growing up. Her drive, determination and confidence were infectious to watch. I always wanted to create, change and empower others like she did through sport.”

Meet Rubaitul Azad: The Man Shaking Up Kashmir’s Booming Concert Economy https://8mgdesign.com/meet-rubaitul-azad-the-man-shaking-up-kashmirs-booming-concert-economy/ Tue, 22 Nov 2022 02:29:31 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/meet-rubaitul-azad-the-man-shaking-up-kashmirs-booming-concert-economy/

While the pandemic has forced companies around the world to rethink their strategy, perhaps, in terms of impact, nothing stands out more than the integration of the hitherto marginalized gig economy. With the freedom to work anywhere, we have a generation of people with more options available to them. With that, a valley boy Rubaitul Azad has been in the world of graphic design and web design for years and today his clients include renowned brands across the globe.

Hailing from the Gulshan Nagar region of Srinagar city, Rubait was gadget-minded since childhood and spent a good year of his life learning the skills that helped him build his customer base which includes local brands. , national and international. Sharing his past life, he said his academic performance was never strong. As a student, he was always disinterested in studies. What fascinated him was design and coding. With fewer learning design platforms, he switched to various online platforms to master the skills. After mastering the skills, he gained a good command of software like Photoshop and other photo editing software.

In 2012 Rubait started freelancing with a number of companies which gave her the confidence to work harder. Rubait designs modern websites and applications and provides all kinds of web services including creating digital products and providing web services for start-ups, businesses, healthcare companies, education and d other sectors. He further improved his skills to learn website development, UI/UX design, WordPress development, server administration, search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile app development and a few other techniques.

“At first it was very difficult but I always loved my job. My experience as a freelancer was full of ups and downs. I used to study online video lectures about design and I still do it because the world is very dynamic and you have to keep up with all the fashionable things that are happening. I am satisfied that after seven years of hard work, I have established good relationships with my clients”, said Rubait.To date, he has worked on more than 300 projects with well-known international, national and local brands.

KTP Exports Private Limited Singapore, Shanghai Uniforms Singapore, Kinpin TV are some of the companies that Rubait has done projects with. His designs have been used by over 100 industries and establishments. On chart sharing platforms – Unsplash and Pexels, Rubaitul has an impressive number of views of over 52 lakh plus. His plans are to further expand his work and raise awareness of the booming freelance and gig economy in India and the rest of the world. Freelance work is a mode of work where employees are hired on a temporary basis rather than full-time.

“Many people in the valley are unfamiliar with self-employment. It can be a good source of employment for those who don’t want to be confined to office work time and standards,” he said. He said freelancing isn’t just limited to age criteria; rather, people of all ages, including growing children and seniors, can pursue careers in this field.

The global pandemic caused by covid infection has led companies to reduce their staff, and the same situation has led to the growth of freelancers. Due to the opportunities in the field of freelancing, many people have turned to it to get out of the economic crisis. Unlike conventional jobs, there is no need to provide certification to get hired. “The job requires a set of skills rather than just a degree. There is no retirement age. People retire and come freelance to pursue a career. It allows you to work without the someone asks you for diplomas and grades,” he said. .

A study by Niti Aayog on “India’s Booming Gig and Platform Economy” estimated that in 2020-2021, 77 lakh (7.7 million) workers were engaged in the gig economy . According to the report, the gig workforce is expected to grow to 2.35 crore (23.5 million) workers by 2029-30. Currently, around 47% of gig work is in medium-skilled jobs, around 22% in high-skilled jobs, and around 31% in low-skilled jobs. The trend shows that the concentration of medium-skilled workers is gradually decreasing and that of low-skilled and high-skilled workers is increasing. Rubait added, “People starting careers in the gig economy have paved the way for themselves to hit a higher wavelength. It is important to be prepared for the fact that with every opportunity comes an equal number of obstacles and difficult things.

Freelancers work from home, so they have to work in their familiar places. All of this requires a laptop, an internet connection, and a set of skills. “This is not a mundane 9 to 6 hour job, but a job where a worker decides their own working hours. You can take projects and request payment of your choice. The more projects you take on, the more you You can earn money. You have to earn the trust of the client. If your skills are not comfortable with the project, you can refuse the project,” he added.

He added that it empowers women, people with disabilities and those living in rural areas. “The gig economy in the years to come will dominate the world,” he said. Building a good and friendly reputation with customers is what he insists on the most and considers the key to success.

He said his aim was to promote the gig economy in Kashmir and encourage local youth to enter the world of freelancing. To engage young people in freelancing, he started giving freelance lessons to students. Over the past three years, he has trained over 200 students, and he says a significant number of those students are now successful freelancers. It was not a walk in the park for him. At first, he had to face a lot of criticism from his parents and relatives.

He said: “People in Kashmir only think of those who get graduate jobs. Very few people value skills. The mentality should change. The diploma is nothing if one does not have skills. He said that apart from studies, students should also take skills development courses.

As he delivered a message to young people, he said, “Listen to your heart and stand together and make choices that are in your best interests, because at the end of the day what really matters is how much you are happy and satisfied with yourself and the work you are doing. My theory is that our faces should be able to convey the pleasure and enthusiasm we have for the task we are doing. (ANI)

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

IDEA Center Helps Design BNMC Tactile Model to Improve Wayfinding for All – UBNow: News and Views for UB Faculty and Staff https://8mgdesign.com/idea-center-helps-design-bnmc-tactile-model-to-improve-wayfinding-for-all-ubnow-news-and-views-for-ub-faculty-and-staff/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 13:15:36 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/idea-center-helps-design-bnmc-tactile-model-to-improve-wayfinding-for-all-ubnow-news-and-views-for-ub-faculty-and-staff/

The School of Architecture and Planning’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental (IDEA) and Touch Graphics Inc. collaborated to create a multi-sensory, interactive 3D touch model to aid in orientation and wayfinding on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC).

The IDEA Center received a donation from the Chur Foundation in January 2021 and used the funds to design, develop and install the model.

The recently unveiled interactive model is located at BNMC Innovation Center, a base for campus tours and a site that provides services to more than 100 start-up companies and serves as a hub for research and knowledge exchange. The tactile model allows users to preview the layout of the campus, locate buildings and identify travel routes. A user-friendly touch interface that includes visual, auditory, and tactile outputs allows visitors to simply hear or see information about the campus and individual buildings.

All model features are touch-enabled, including roads, parks, parking lots, and metro stations. Additional accessibility and readability features include Braille labels and aerial photographs of building rooftops printed on the 3D buildings.

“We are very grateful to our colleagues at the IDEA Center for bringing us this project,” said Jamie Hamann-Burney, Director of Planning and Implementation at BNMC. “The model brings together a range of centrally developed technologies that will accelerate the creation of more inclusive environments for all.”

The model design was developed by first documenting the campus, drawing digital models of the campus buildings and landscape, 3D printing the buildings, and laser printing a tactile skin of the landscape. The 3D buildings were treated with a conductive layer, then the touch skin and the 3D buildings were glued to the large touch screen. The model operates through simple touch controls, including tapping once to hear the name of the building and a second time to hear descriptive information. An application has been developed to listen to finger touch and provide a corresponding audio description.

“The touch model is a great example of how inclusive technology benefits a wide range of users,” says Heamchand Subryan, director of interaction design at the IDEA Center. “We hope this tactile model will not only be useful for BNMC visitors and staff, but will also inspire thought leaders and technology developers at the Innovation Center to consider the needs of people with disabilities in their own work. .”

In addition to the BNMC, similar touch models have been installed in major technology companies, museums and a national park. The BNMC tactile model demonstrates how integrating universal design into wayfinding technology can benefit all visitors and serve as a best practice for similar maps on other medical campuses.

US eyes on climate payments, in sight of possible summit breakthrough https://8mgdesign.com/us-eyes-on-climate-payments-in-sight-of-possible-summit-breakthrough/ Sat, 19 Nov 2022 07:46:21 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/us-eyes-on-climate-payments-in-sight-of-possible-summit-breakthrough/

The proposal still may not satisfy critics from developing countries who say the United States continues to shirk responsibility for all the greenhouse gases it has released into the atmosphere since the 19th century. Another potential sticking point is the United States’ insistence that China – now the world’s biggest carbon polluter – must be among the countries opening up its portfolio.

Yet the idea that the United States would even consider supporting the creation of a climate damages fund is a potentially seismic shift in thinking after 30 years of opposing the concept. It could also draw heavy criticism at home, where Republicans hostile to President Joe Biden’s climate agenda are set to take control of the House in January.

A State Department spokesperson said late Friday that summit delegates were continuing to negotiate but did not confirm the draft text was a US proposal.

However, a British official told POLITICO that officials from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia drafted the text together after being summoned by Alok Sharma, a British MP who led the UN climate talks last year in Glasgow, Scotland.

The draft being circulated, which has not yet been formally proposed to the Egyptian presidency of the summit, would expand the sources and methods of funding for affected communities. It calls for a two-year process that would culminate in the creation of an “effective fund that attracts contributions from a wide range of Parties and sources, both public and private.”

The document also says a task force should be created to design the fund and tasked with “expanding funding sources,” in a nod to US concerns over China paying.

The United States, which is historically the world’s biggest contributor to climate change, has raised concerns that a fund would open it up to legal action for damage from its fossil fuel emissions dating back to the start. of the industrial revolution. The text includes an explicit clause exempting donor countries from “liability and compensation”.

Many provisions of the proposal address US concerns about relying solely on public money to fill the fund. US special climate envoy John Kerry – who had been conducting talks by phone from isolation after falling out with Covid-19 – said it would be politically difficult to secure that funding through Congress.

The draft calls for “strengthening the responsiveness” of bilateral, multilateral and international financial institutions, which alludes to development banks such as the World Bank, of which the United States is the main shareholder. It also calls on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to “contribute to financing arrangements…in response to loss and damage.”

Kerry argued that multilateral development banks need to spend more money on renewable energy and on efforts to adapt to droughts, rising seas and other effects of climate change in the developing world. He called on them this week to have a plan to overhaul their climate strategy by April.

The document also calls for the use of “debt deferral” by multilateral lenders in the wake of climate disasters that hit heavily indebted countries, an idea championed earlier at the two-week conference by the Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley and supported by French President Emmanuel Macron. .

The project falls short of a request made on Tuesday by a bloc of 134 developing countries, including China, which called for the creation of a fund during the talks in Egypt rather than at a later date. This fund would be designed by a working group in which the balance of power would be held by the poorest countries who would be the beneficiaries. The EU criticized this proposal to prevent China from contributing.

The EU then made a counter-proposal to immediately create a new fund but with only “the most vulnerable countries” as beneficiaries. He also conditioned the fund on global greenhouse gas emissions peaking before 2025 and would expand its donor base beyond the wealthiest industrialized countries — two issues that challenge long-standing red lines for China.

A climate activist present at the talks, Harjeet Singh of Climate Action Network International, derided the text leaked on Friday as “another watered down version of what the European Union presented earlier”.

“Instead of establishing a new fund at COP27, as demanded by developing countries, it offers only a vague process to defer the decision,” said Singh, the group’s head of global policy strategy. “Such a proposal undermines the urgency of the action required to meet the needs of people facing the climate emergency.”

Exceptional discount ! Buy Nothing Phone (1) worth Rs.37999 for only Rs.9984, details here https://8mgdesign.com/exceptional-discount-buy-nothing-phone-1-worth-rs-37999-for-only-rs-9984-details-here/ Sat, 19 Nov 2022 06:38:24 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/exceptional-discount-buy-nothing-phone-1-worth-rs-37999-for-only-rs-9984-details-here/

Flipkart offers: One of the featured cell phones for 2022 is the Nothing Phone. One of the most talked about features of the Nothing Phone (1) is its distinctive Glyph interface design, which not only enhances the aesthetic value of the smartphone but also facilitates portrait photography and syncs with ringtones. Not only that, but the distinct design and Android-like user interface. The Nothing Phone recently had a significant price reduction on Flipkart, making now a great time for you to get it if you have your eye on that company’s flagship smartphone. With the help of the e-commerce website, you can buy it for less than Rs. 10,000. Shocked? Find out how to get this fantastic Nothing Phone offer.

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Features of Nothing Phone (1)

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Arlington micro press announces the release of the 50th book https://8mgdesign.com/arlington-micro-press-announces-the-release-of-the-50th-book/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 15:42:15 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/arlington-micro-press-announces-the-release-of-the-50th-book/

The late Richard Horn, author of the novel titled Encyclopedia. / courtesy of Richard Schober

Tough Poets Press, founded, owned and operated solely by Richard Schober of Arlington, is about to publish its 50th book since its founding in early 2015: a reissue of Encyclopedia, from 1969, by the late Richard Horn. The Press has already republished many new editions of novels – some by well-known authors, some not – and is a small independent publisher of unconventional and neglected new and rediscovered literary fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

“I’m now running a Kickstarter to help cover the production costs of this new edition,” Schober told YourArlington. Details are here >>

Kickstarter description calls Encyclopedia a “comic literary oddity” which was Horn’s only published novel. The unconventionally structured book garnered strong reviews from major newspapers when it was originally published by Grove Press over half a century ago, but has since fallen into obscurity.

By mid-November, the project had found 149 backers and raised more than $3,000, more than enough to complete publication of the relatively short (168-page) paperback. The crowdfunding effort can accept additional backers until Nov. 25, and is scheduled for release in January 2023, Schober wrote in an email interview.

“There is no limit to the number of Kickstarter backers. Once the book is officially released, it will be available on Amazon, the Barnes & Noble website, Bookshop.org, and many other online sites. All Books that I publish are printed on demand, so theoretically they will never be out of print,” he wrote.

The Kickstarter description says that after a long search for the rights, Schober was finally able to reach the deceased author’s daughter, who granted him permission to republish the book. The project description further states that Horn died in August 1973 at just 30 years old, and the cause of death was never fully investigated.

“I’m a big fan of neglected literature from forgotten novelists, especially from the 1960s and 1970s – the more quirky and experimental the better,” he writes. “I have known this book for a long time, and only recently was able to find the author’s daughter, who is the executor of her estate, to obtain her permission to publish this edition.”

Richard Schober, founder of Tough Poets PressRichard Schober, founder of Tough Poets Press. /courtesy of Richard Schober

Crowdfunding: a successful business model

The Kickstarter page says that of the 49 books Schober has already published, 44 have been crowdfunded.

Schober’s entrepreneurship was described in a November 2019 article in Weekly editors titled “The One-Man Press Resuscitating Forgotten Classics”. Her work has also been favorably mentioned on the literary blogs Inchoatia, Alta and Please Kill Me.

Tough Poets Press on its website shows 10 books published this year alone.

“Between 2015 and 2019, I was releasing between one and five books a year,” Schober said. “At the end of 2019, I was fired from my ‘real’ job as a web designer, then the pandemic hit, so I’ve had plenty of time to work on books since, and now I’m on average about 10 a year. . I already have five books ready to be published next year – and agreements with authors or estates for a few more.”

Schober realized he had the time, interest, experience and skills to create a different and fulfilling part-time career for himself. “I was studying English at university,” he wrote, “so I’ve always loved literature, and I also collect a lot of vintage paperbacks. Which really got me into the publishing industry, that’s my background as a graphic designer. I’ve always wanted to design books and book covers, but it’s a very competitive field. When I realized no one was going to hire to do this kind of work, I decided to create my own publishing house.

The current Kickstarter effort, already successful, could become even more so by Thanksgiving. “Anything that rises above the [already achieved minimum] Starter [dollar] the goal will go to printing and shipping additional copies beyond the minimum of 124, additional royalties to the author’s estate, and profit for me,” he explained.

University, radio, rock ‘n’ roll

The 1975 Arlington High School graduate earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from UMass./Amherst in 1979. His interests later included music: “In the late 1980s and 1990s, I was in a band, and Tough Poets was a name that a friend suggested, even though we didn’t use it.”

The group was based in Somerville, where Schober resided at the time. “My band, The Dislocated Hipsters, only existed for a few years, maybe 1989 to 1992. We played rockabilly and original songs in the style of the 60s. well, I admit it – on the most of them. We only played live twice, but we got good airplay on local and alternative radio stations.”

Since then, his musical involvement consists of having been a volunteer disc jockey at WMFO, the radio station of Tuft University, for a few years until the beginning of this year, with a show on Sunday mornings.

His former band experience ultimately played into his later ambitions. “When it came time to name my publishing house, I said to myself [that the previously suggested moniker] was perfect, especially since the first book I worked on was a collection of interviews with Beat Generation poet Gregory Corso, who spent time in prison as a youth for theft. Now he was definitely a tough poet. There’s also a line in a novel by Haruki Murakami, another writer whose work I appreciate, that says, “Certainly, the world must have tough poets too.”

Publication process, future goals

Most, but not all, of his projects involve re-editions of previously published works.

In the case of the former, “Every word in the original editions is there,” Schober said. “No changes are made except to correct typos that were missed the first time the books were published. Some reissues contain additional material: a new introduction, an interview with the author, etc.”

The covers, however, tend to be brand new. “I designed new covers for most of the books. I only used the original covers, or recreations of the original covers, a few times.”

It also publishes unpublished works by well-known authors – and, very rarely, submissions by emerging writers.

“I probably get 20 or 30 unsolicited manuscripts by email every year, and occasionally one or two will stand out, so I’ll publish them,” he noted. “In addition, I have published collections of older and previously unpublished works – three volumes of short stories by Medford native and National Book Award nominee Alexander Theroux, three volumes of stories and poems by Marvin Cohen, a unpublished novel by Donald Newlove.”

Schober hopes to release the product at an accelerated rate in the future. “I plan to publish books for as long as possible, and one book a month is my goal,” he said. “I hope one day to make publishing my full-time job, but [until then] I do part-time freelance graphic design and web design work to earn a regular salary.”

March 4, 2020: Arlington Press publishes Nobel laureate’s novel

This report was published Thursday, November 17, 2022, based primarily on information from Arlington resident Richard Schober of Tough Poets Press.

]]> Liberty announces plans for 10-story residence https://8mgdesign.com/liberty-announces-plans-for-10-story-residence/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 07:05:00 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/liberty-announces-plans-for-10-story-residence/

Here’s a roundup of education briefs. Want more education news? There is no full-time reporter west of Richmond covering K-college education. You can help solve this problem. Help fund this post. By the end of the year, NewsMatch will double your donation up to $1,000.

* * *

Rendering of the planned parking lot. Courtesy of Liberty University.

Liberty announces plans for a new residence and parking lot

Liberty University has announced plans to build a 10-story residence hall and five-story parking lot on campus.

Acting President Dr. Jerry Prevo made the announcement during Wednesday’s regular convocation.

The new 166,908 square foot residence will rise 10 stories with 654 student beds (two students in each room, with a private bathroom). The building will be connected to Commons III and will also include two resident manager apartments. The project could begin as early as January and is expected to be completed by the fall semester of 2024, the university said in a statement.

The new parking lot will be located next to the LaHaye ice center (currently the pavilion parking lot) and will accommodate nearly 1,100 vehicles. The university plans to inaugurate the garage this spring, with an expected opening in the spring of 2024.

Prevo also provided an update on two major construction projects underway on campus – the 120,000 square foot New Reber-Thomas Dining Hall and the Jerry Falwell Center.

The new dining hall is scheduled to open in August 2023 and the majority of construction will be completed this spring. The building will offer 40% more interior space than the current Reber-Thomas food court, with a maximum capacity of 2,700 seats, and will include more entrances than the current building, which will reduce the time for expectation of students. In addition to an outdoor dining area with covered patio, the new dining area will also feature an expanded menu for students, including a gluten-free bakery.

Rendering of the Falwell Center, currently under construction. Courtesy of Liberty University.

The Falwell Center will tell the story of Liberty’s founder, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell. The halls and areas of the center will provide space for learning opportunities, concerts and special events, as well as a rooftop park.

An opening is planned for the start of the 2024 academic year.

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Ferrum will organize the inauguration of the interpretive trail

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new Nature Writers Trail at Ferrum College is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. this Thursday, Nov. 17, at Chapman Pond, near Dyer Hall. The community is invited to the event, which will include the opportunity for a guided hike, hot cider and snacks.

The Nature Writers Trail is an interpretive trail facility near Chapman’s Pond on the campus of Ferrum College. Sponsored by the Ecotourism and Recreation Leadership Programs and involving teachers of English, environmental science, biology and the arts from Ferrum College, the trail spanned eight years.

The trail is delineated by panels featuring quotes selected by 12 faculty from 12 authors who have inspired faculty contributors and influenced their thinking and teaching about nature. Each of the panels focuses on an author and contains a QR code that directs people to a library resource page dedicated to that project. Graphic design for the panels was done by Assistant Professor of Art Jake Smith.

* * *

UVA Wise Featured in Southwest Virginia Documentary

The College at Wise at the University of Virginia will be featured in a new documentary about the revitalization of Southwest Virginia which debuts this week.

“Change-makers of the SWVA Coalfields”, which spotlights pioneers and regional leaders, will premiere Saturday, November 19 at the Park Avenue Theater in Norton. The screening is free and open to the public. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and screening starts at 5 p.m.

UVA Wise Vice Chancellor for Administration, Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives Shannon Blevins is featured in the film, along with the College’s Oxbow Center, including the Clinch River Environmental Education Center in St. Paul.

Filmmaker Jan Canterbury explores several key questions, including, “Can we really revitalize Southwest Virginia?” How can we break down the barriers to transform this proud and productive region into one that offers well-paying jobs and social vibrancy while maintaining our good and true character? Will our children want to stay and raise their families in these beautiful mountains, or uproot themselves in search of a more lucrative life in an urban area?

The film features conversations with folks from Appalachian Voices, Friends of SWVA, UVA Wise, the Ridgeview Robotics team, the Mountain Heritage Museum, and Lawrence Brothers, Inc.

The documentary features these regional leaders “bravely facing these challenges and finding creative solutions to reawaken this energy powerhouse into a vibrant place that attracts new people, while inspiring our young people to remember why they like to call it special and unique. ‘home’ place,” Canterbury said.

“”Change-makers” is a positive documentary that highlights both the challenges and the progress we are making in Southwest Virginia to kick-start a more diverse economy and give our children the best opportunity for their future. here in this beautiful place that we are proud to call ‘home.’ It’s about us, it’s for us, and it’s a fun film for the whole family and friends to watch together,” Chad Thompson, marketing co-ordinator at Abingdon Tourism, said in a statement.

For more information, contact filmmaker Jan Canterbury at 703-314-3996 or nutzynomad@gmail.com.

Ninth Circuit rules in favor of technical review website IPVM in defamation lawsuit https://8mgdesign.com/ninth-circuit-rules-in-favor-of-technical-review-website-ipvm-in-defamation-lawsuit/ Wed, 16 Nov 2022 19:10:16 +0000 https://8mgdesign.com/ninth-circuit-rules-in-favor-of-technical-review-website-ipvm-in-defamation-lawsuit/

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of a tech review website in a defamation lawsuit over articles criticizing a company’s claims about an alleged fever-detection device created early in the pandemic of COVID-19.

Last week’s ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is a welcome development for IP Video Market Info, known as IPVM. It ends a long legal battle that has forced the tech review website to defend reports that helped members of the public assess the effectiveness of a new device touted as a way to fight the spread of COVID-19. The decision also affirms the importance of strong anti-gag laws that facilitate the prompt dismissal of baseless defamation claims.

X.Labs, which describes itself as “the leader in next-generation public safety threat detection technologies,” sued IPVM in May 2020, just months after the coronavirus pandemic began. The company specifically challenged a series of IPVM reviews that questioned the accuracy of Feevr, its purported fever detection device, and raised concerns about X.Labs’ misleading marketing claims.

While X.Labs marketed Feevr as a tool to fight the spread of COVID-19 in crowded public spaces, IPVM was skeptical that Feevr could live up to the company’s advertising claims, given the specs. product technical and limited test results published by the company. .

IPVM – represented by attorneys from the Journalists Committee for Freedom of the Press and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP – sought to have the libel suit dismissed under California’s anti-SLAPP law, which offers journalists and to others a means of quickly dismissing baseless lawsuits intended to silence critics through costly and baseless legal proceedings. The website argued, among other things, that the statements included in its reviews were not only proprietary opinions, but were also substantially true.

In late 2020, a federal district judge largely dismissed IPVM’s arguments, prompting the review website to appeal to the Ninth Circuit. The appeal was made possible by a key provision of California’s anti-SLAPP law that allows an immediate appeal of the denial of a special strike motion.

In an opinion issued Nov. 9, a panel of three Ninth Circuit judges overturned the district court’s decision. The panel found that X.Labs failed to adequately argue that everything in IPVM’s reviews was false, including references to Feevr’s accuracy and the company’s misleading marketing claims about the device.

The appeals court’s decision is not published, which means it will not create any binding precedent within the Ninth Circuit. But Charlie Hogle, legal counsel for the Committee of Journalists, who helped litigate the case on behalf of IPVM, says the outcome of this case is important for two reasons.

On the one hand, it shows the impact of anti-SLAPP provisions that allow immediate appeals. “They’re extremely important to journalists,” Hogle said, noting that such provisions can help journalists avoid a laborious and costly discovery process.

Additionally, he says, the Ninth Circuit’s decision is significant for what it says about the value of public service journalism at issue in this case and the need to protect it from frivolous lawsuits.

“It is always useful for the news media and knowledgeable experts to be able to provide the public with reasoned assessments of marketing claims. That’s especially true when we’re talking about so-called medical devices being marketed in the early days of a pandemic, when people are trying to figure out how to protect themselves,” Hogle said. “We don’t want to cool this type of expert discourse. We need people to be able to offer informed opinions based on the facts available to them. It’s part of how the First Amendment works and how we make sure members of the public can make smart decisions about their own health and safety. »

The Committee of Rapporteurs regularly submits memoirs of friends of the court and his lawyers representing journalists and media outlets voluntarily in court cases that involve First Amendment freedoms, newsgathering rights of journalists, and access to public information. Stay informed of our work by subscription to our monthly newsletter and Follow us on twitter Where instagram.