Faizan Naeem, an entrepreneur under 30 who owns Digital Genie

Meet Faizan Naeem, a man under thirty who owns a digital marketing company called “Digital Genie”. As the name suggests, the company is a 360-degree digital marketing facilitation hub. Yes, a unique online solution to meet the needs of these times.

The “Digital Genie” company gives every reason to achieve the kind of fame it has received. But did you know that Faizan, a young man from the Pakistani suburbs had to go through many hardships to achieve this adventure?

Faizan, unlike many, had to hone his digital marketing skills to make this company the most successful business. He had to learn, unlearn and relearn the basics and advanced levels of marketing strategies.

His notions of learning and achieving the impossible are quite intriguing. That’s why we’re here to describe how he thinks, acts and materializes companies like this, “Digital Genie”.

Faizan’s success story in 2021

Faizan has a success story that should be shared with the masses. It is a story that begins like any other tale where the hero is therefore not a hero until he finds the direction to the point of success. Walking aimlessly or working different avenues without knowing the direction can be intimidating and extremely taxing on the mind. To avoid this, he didn’t just find the path he needed to run. But he found much more than that on the basis of which he manifested his notions of living a useful life.

Regarding his education, Faizan obtained a diploma in computer science. Since he did not come from a wealthy family background. Faizan had to find his way on his own. Yes! You understood well. He had to experiment with billions of strategies and tactics to make things work for him.

Despite all the obstacles and obstacles, he was able to find people who showed the right connection between the different points. Points that made him more confident, resilient, determined and passionate about his business.

As soon as Faizan reflects on his current life (in pre-ownership of the company). There were a lot of concerns and ambiguities about running a business. So, to reduce risk factors, he made sure to bring positive results by watching YouTube videos related to digital marketing.

According to Faizan, you can’t be successful until you know the basics of everything you make it easy for customers. This notion made him a digital marketer.

Over time, as his workload multiplied and clients grew, he began to hire professionals from a variety of sources. However, Faizan’s main focus has remained the same – to bring out the best of a talented batch from his native Pakistan.

Digital Genie is a company with hundreds of employees. The main services of this company include website development, search engine optimization, graphic design, Google ads, Google analytics and everything related to digital marketing.

He will be contacted at instagram.com/Faizan_meher.

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