Everything Has Changed – Has Your Website?

I don’t have to tell you that everything has changed in the way we all do business. Where and how you solve your customers’ problems is very likely very different from what they were before the pandemic.

Maybe you’ve had to make some impossible decisions to run your business. Perhaps you have felt more pain, anxiety, and sadness in the past year than at any time in your career.

If you’ve been successful, if your business has survived the unprecedented events of the past year, you’ve probably made decisions that have made your business stronger. It has improved your solutions. It helps you serve your customers better than ever.

Your year of struggle, worry, and tough decision making has made your business stronger. You will reap the rewards of these difficult times as you go along. And your customers will. But do they know how you changed?

The companies that will benefit the most from these forced changes are those that clearly tell their customers what they are doing differently now.

You see, it’s not just our business that has changed. Customers have also changed. They have raised the bar in their expectations of our transparency, convenience, value and social responsibilities.

More than ever, customers want to be sure they are buying from companies that not only deeply understand their issues, but also that they feel good on the purchase of.

Does your website do all of these things?

I know, writing website content is tough – and you probably did when you built your website and didn’t feel like doing this exercise again.

But here’s the trick. If your website doesn’t tell your customers exactly how you can solve their problems and it doesn’t say that customers actually care… your website won’t work for your business anymore.

Maybe if you’re really honest, your website content has never looked so great to begin with. I understand that! Writing about our activities is a tough task!

Here is my challenge for you – take the time next week to review your website. Start with the home page and ask yourself if your website is up to date, reflects the way you currently do business, and speaks directly to your customers about how you can help them solve their problems. .

You don’t have to tackle it all in a day, but start taking the time to update your website to reflect the tough, courageous and amazing changes you’ve made over the past year.

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