Every Spider-Man costume confirmed and rumored for No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home will feature several versions of the Spider-Man suit that Tom Holland can wear. Here are all the confirmed costumes and rumors.

Here are all of the Spider-Man costumes confirmed and slated to appear in Spider-Man: No Path Home. The third installment of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ Spider Man The franchise is among the most anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 titles. Fans can’t wait to continue the Peter Parker (Tom Holland) story after Spider-Man: Far From Homeis a shocking ending, but the level of interest in Spider-Man: No Path Home has risen further given the rumors about who will appear in the film.

Marvel and Sony have hardly officially revealed anything about Spider-Man: No Path Home. Tom Holland, Zendaya (MJ) and Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds) are confirmed to appear, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange also returning to the MCU. Meanwhile, Alfred Molina has confirmed that he will appear as Sam Raimi’s Doc Ock Spider-man 2, with Jamie Foxx momentarily confirming on social media that he will be playing Electro again after doing so in The Incredible Spider-Man 2. There are also rumors of other precedents Spider Man appearing movie villains, as well as older versions of Spider-Man played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

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After all the rumors and leaks about Spider-Man: No Path Home, a wave of information about the film arrived unexpectedly: the toys. The action figures and LEGO sets provided potential looks into the plot and the characters in the film. Aside from teasing Peter and MJ by interacting with Doctor Strange and Wong, the most revealing part of these toys have been the various Spider-Man costumes that Holland’s character will apparently wear. This has increased the number of costumes fans can expect to see in Spider-Man: No Path Home.

It’s common for big movie franchises to regularly change the look of their main characters, and Marvel Studios is no stranger to this. Tony Stark had nearly 50 different Iron Man armors during his time in the MCU, which allowed Marvel to capitalize on merchandising opportunities. Holland’s Spider-Man has often changed his look during his short time in the universe, as he’s been given a new costume in almost every appearance. Costume changes should now continue with Spider-Man: No Path HomeSo here’s every Spider-Man costume confirmed and rumored for the movie.

Red and Black – The Enhanced Costume

Tom Holland Spider Man Far From Home

The first Spider-Man costume confirmed for Spider-Man: No Path Home is the red and black suit that debuted in Spider-Man: Far From Home. After failing to defeat Mysterio, Peter asks Happy Hogan for help. Happy surprised Peter with a portable workshop that could design him a new Spider-Man costume installed on one of Tony’s jets. Peter immediately got to work designing a new costume, which reminded Happy and viewers to watch Tony Stark do the same. Peter’s new Spider-Man costume ditched the character’s traditional red and blue color scheme and went with red and black instead. The suit upgraded the web launchers to make them part of the suit itself and increased the ability of the webs to taser. Peter’s red and black Spider-Man costume also retains the canvas wings from the original Stark costume and includes a new parachute design.

Red gold

Spider-Man No Way Home New Costume

One of the new Spider-Man costumes in Spider-Man: No Path Home is a red, black and gold design. This costume was featured prominently on the film’s toy packaging, which could mean it’s Peter’s main costume. The design itself appears to be a combination of the improved costume Peter made in Spider-Man: Far From Home and the iron spider. However, this is clearly a different costume and not a combination of the two. The red and black base of the suit is quite consistent with the upgraded suit, but the colors on the hands are reversed. This costume has black fingers and red hands, while the upgraded costume has red fingers and black hands. Spider-Man’s giant golden logo is also a big differentiator. This is very close to the gold logo on the Iron Spider costume in the comics. But, the golden touch extends to shooters on the web who now look more like gauntlets. Some toys indicate that this costume also has Spider-Legs like the Iron Spider costume. It’s unclear what new abilities the red and gold Spider-Man suit offers Peter in. Spider-Man: No Path Home.

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Black gold

Spider Man No Way Home Black Gold Toy Costume shown

Another new Spider-Man costume in Spider-Man: No Path Home is the black and gold suit. This costume has an almost all-black base, with only a little red on the forearms and fingers. The whole suit has a gold lining for the web design and the Spider-Man logo. Spider-Man: No Path Home toys showed Peter wearing this costume to fight Vulture, but it’s unclear if this is in fact an accurate portrayal of what will happen in the movie. There is no clue so far about the additional powers of this suit, so it could be a more streamlined version of the Spider-Man suit. Some have pointed out the similarities between this black and gold suit and the Anti-Ock suit from Spider-Man PS4. Since Doc Ock has been in Spider-Man: No Path Home, maybe this black and gold Spider-Man costume will serve a similar purpose.

The integrated costume (Doctor Strange Enhanced)

Spider-Man Far From Home Built-In Sorcerer Costume

It also looks like Peter will have an enhanced Doctor Strange costume in Spider-Man: No Path Home. Toys call him Spider-Man’s Integrated Suit, which should be due to the fact that he’s imbued with Doctor Strange magic. It’s hard to say based on the limited looks at the built-in suit whether it’s a brand new suit or an upgraded version of the red and gold suit discussed earlier. Either way, the suit appears to have projection capabilities, with a web logo lighting up Spider-Man’s chest. The most important detail, however, is the Doctor Strange-like circle of magical energy from Spider-Man’s wrist. Given the rumors about Spider-Man: No Path Homemultiverse plot, this could be a case where Doctor Strange gives Peter’s Spider-Man suit access to the multiverse through magic, technology, or a combination of the two.

The Iron Spider Costume?

There has also been speculation that the original Iron Spider costume will appear in Spider-Man: No Path Home. This came about thanks to photos of Tom Holland in a motion capture suit, which he had previously only worn in relation to the nanotechnology suit created by Tony Stark. The Iron Spider suit has been a CGI creation since it first appeared at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, while Holland wore practical versions of other Spider-Man costumes in the past. It is possible that one of the other new costumes from Spider-Man: No Path Home will also be a CGI creation, however. This would then explain why Holland wears a mo-cap costume during production and allow Marvel and Sony to prevent the new costume from leaking through the set photos. However, there is still a chance that Peter could dress in the last costume Tony Stark made for him at some point during the movie.

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