Darcy Zander-Feinauer, co-owner of Brillion News, retires

Darcy Zander-Feinauer poses for a photo in The Brillion News office, alongside numerous awards won by the newspaper during his tenure. (Photo by Brillion News)

Darcy Zander-Feinauer, co-owner Brillion news with his sisters, has retired from his full-time post after more than 34 years in the family business, the newspaper said on Thursday.

Zander-Feinauer carried out various tasks with the New, including printing, graphic design work and layout. She started full time with the newspaper on April 1, 1987 and her last day was June 3.

His daughter, Bailey Lindgren, took over the role of Zander-Feinauer in layout and graphic design. Lindgren is the company’s first full-time fifth-generation employee, following in her mother’s footsteps, who was the fourth-generation’s first full-time employee.

Lindgren previously worked as a veterinary technician, but recently decided to change careers. After graduating from Lakeshore Technical College – which included an internship with the newspaper – she joined the New last month.

Brillion news has been in the Zander family since 1899, when it was purchased by Otto Zander. Since 2005, it has been owned and managed by three sisters – Elizabeth Wenzel, Kris Bastian and Zander-Feinauer – following the retirement of their father, Zane Zander.

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