UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa .– Ivan Esparragoza, director of Commonwealth Engineering and Engineering Technology (ETCE) and professor of engineering design at Penn State, has been appointed Assistant Dean for Curricular Innovation and Assessment of programs, a newly created position at Penn State College of Engineering. It will start on July 1.

Ivan Esparragoza, Director of Commonwealth Engineering and Engineering Technology (ETCE) and Professor of Engineering Design at Penn State, has been appointed Assistant Dean for Curricular Innovation and Program Evaluation.

IMAGE: courtesy of Ivan Esparragoza

“Dr. Esparragoza’s experience in building relationships and promoting collaborations with every institute and campus he works with will truly help him excel in this new role,” said Justin Schwartz, Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering. “We are very pleased to have him on our collegiate leadership team and look forward to seeing the innovations in programs and programs he brings to our students.

In an ongoing effort to provide Penn State engineering students with a prestigious education, the need for an Assistant Dean focused on curriculum innovation and program evaluation has arisen. In this new position, Esparragoza will oversee many of the functions that govern the college’s curriculum – including first-year engineering seminar courses, the accreditation process for engineering programs, the annual assessment of graduate and certificate programs in engineering, first and second year engineering training. , and the partnership between the College of Engineering and Commonwealth campuses.

“I plan to identify opportunities for important curriculum innovations at the undergraduate and graduate levels through in-depth assessments,” Esparragoza said. “I want to develop collaborative approaches to achieve these innovations, working in close collaboration with different units within the college and the University.

As the current ETCE Program Director of the School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Program, Esparragoza coordinates the engineering and engineering technology programs offered on the University’s Commonwealth campuses. According to Esparragoza, his duties as director closely match those of his new post as deputy dean. Manage program changes, new course development and A BET The accreditation process of two engineering programs and five engineering technology programs has enabled Esparragoza to gain experience in advancing engineering programs and collaborations on Commonwealth campuses, while ensuring that student training is at the forefront of the process.

“I am very excited to be a part of the executive at Penn State College of Engineering and to have the opportunity to make an impact at one of the largest and most comprehensive engineering colleges in the country,” Esparragoza said. “I look forward to exploring innovative educational programs and approaches that impact our engineering students. “

Esparragoza’s research focuses on three areas: theoretical applied mechanics, engineering training and technical design. In applied theoretical mechanics, he studies the micromechanical behavior of fibrous composite materials and the problem of cracks that develop along the interface of two different materials stuck together. In engineering training, it explores the development of global professional skills, the use of multinational design projects in a first year course, the interaction of multinational teams, the assessment of professional engineering skills and sustainability in the engineering study program. In technical design, he focuses on the development of methodologies for the modular architectural design of a product family taking into account sustainability.

“I am deeply committed to research which will have a direct impact on my students, and this has been the main focus and interest of my research,” he said.

Esparragoza received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. He received his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University.

Esparragoza joined Penn State in 2001 and has since held numerous university administrative leadership positions. In addition to his tenure as ETCE Trustee, he served as Acting Director of Academic Affairs at Penn State Brandywine from 2019-2020; a discipline coordinator for engineering at Commonwealth campuses from 2013 to 2019; Program coordinator for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering program at Penn State Abington, Penn State Brandywine, and Penn State Great Valley from 2017 to 2019, and served on the Discipline Leadership Council at Penn State Brandywine from 2007 to 2011.

“When I first started learning about Penn State, the campuses and the service the institution provides to students across the state through Commonwealth campuses, I knew this was an institution I would love to do. party, ”Esparragoza said. “I felt welcome from day one and was able to advance my career here. I am delighted and delighted to continue to contribute to the University and College of Engineering in this new position. “

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Last updated on June 21, 2021