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The continued mitigation of credit risk and fraud in operational processes and systems has become a predominant issue for the financial industry. As businesses grapple with the consequences of foreclosure, lenders can expect increased demands for working capital loans from entrepreneurs hoping to recover from these tough times.

Covering more than the financial sector, the Law of the Republic (RA) 11521 is the law relating to the fight against money laundering and also includes real estate developers and brokers as well as offshore gambling operators and their service providers. The push for collection and application for business loans means that all sectors covered must improve credit compliance and strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) practices to ensure members and employees comply with the law against fraudulent acts.

With lockdowns and quarantine as the new normal, people are embracing online technologies for their day-to-day work and training, and are looking for high-quality vendors who can guarantee AMLC-accredited programs.

Framedia Inc., a family-owned and respected Filipino company, launched the first full-service AML certification in the country. Accredited by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC), Framedia created the series of immersive e-learning modules that revolutionized the way AML training is delivered, digitizing AMLC-approved content to ensure that the he access to essential training and education is not lost during the pandemic. AML training is essential in the prevention, detection and reporting of money laundering and terrorist financing crimes.

Mandatory Awareness Level training for all covered people is done through an online training platform, AML.CERTIFIED.PH, which provides easy-to-navigate training modules that can be completed on their own, allowing participants to focus on interactive learning. material at the most convenient time. If successful, they will be rewarded with a legitimate, genuine and verified AMLC certificate that can be downloaded and printed. Success is also notified directly to AMLC, updating their records on those who are compliant.

Chairman and CEO of Framedia, Frank Mejia

“Digital transformation is the key to the success of every organization and we recognize how vital it is for us to provide the right skills to meet the e-Learning needs of our customers. Framedia being AMLC’s first fully accredited e-learning provider proves how well we are able to adapt to the growing demands of the e-learning market. We will embark on more exciting partnerships as we expand our list of partners and our product portfolio for both the Philippine market and globally, ”said Frank Mejia, President and CEO of Framedia.



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