A space for creative ‘community, conservation and collaboration’ in downtown Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON, W.Va. – ARGO Books opened this week as a special space for creatives to celebrate community, conservation and collaboration in downtown Buckhannon.

“Community: This space positively reflects the personality and residents of our community. Curation: Each book here has been selected with the utmost care. Collaboration: As we open up, we’re excited to hear what people want to read, learn and do here, ”said Abigail Benjamin, co-owner of ARGO Books, alongside her husband Jon.

Since moving to Buckhannon four years ago, Abigail and Jon Benjamin have recognized the great need for a community center where residents of all ages can come together to learn about creative works – art, graphics, literature, animation and cinema.

“The names ARGO come from the Greek myth about Jason and the Argonauts,” said Jon Benjamin. “I love this Jason and the Argonauts myth because he was just a normal guy who gathered this crew of ‘superheroes’ on a ship. I use that as a metaphor in this setting because’ we are all on this boat together ”: the visitors to our store do the creative work and we are their guide.”

ARGO Books is a family passion project where each member shares their interests with the public in one space, Jon said.

These interests came together to create an organized collection of regional literature, classical literature, art and design books, manga and graphic novels available for purchase.

Customers can also shop for items at Maria’s foreign confectionery, order coffee or soda, play with children’s toys, and explore their imaginations with a free sketchbook. Media Room desktops are also available to guests, which are equipped with free Wi-Fi and various design software features such as watercolor, animation, video production and graphic design.

“We wanted to create a space where you have access to design software, but it’s a soft space where if you feel really stuck, you’ve got someone here to ask for help,” Jon said.

This newly polished gem in downtown Buckhannon also offers a collection of clubs for new and veteran creatives to spark their imaginations and learn more about their passions.

The club’s offerings at ARGO Books include:

  • Game Design Club
  • Movie club
  • Animation club
  • Art club
  • West Virginia Art and Design Association
  • Group of children’s writers
  • Group of adult writers
  • Reading Club

These clubs give members the opportunity to meet other creators while learning how to give – and receive – useful reviews, learn techniques and discuss the works of the group’s favorite artists and writers. Those interested in joining a club are encouraged to simply visit the store during the scheduled club meeting time.

Like ARGO Books’ Facebook page and bookmark their website to stay up to date with upcoming club meetings or other exciting events. Start your creative journey at ARGO Books today! Visit ARGO Books at 6 North Spring Street in Buckhannon.

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